The Nerve Events Project

Transforms cd cover

CD on Cuneiform Records

In 1991, Doctor Nerve released the CD Beta 14 ok. This CD included 44 sound events ranging from 2 to 6 seconds in length, each on its own CD track. These 44 Nerve Events were intended to provide the listener with sound resources to perform an interactive music.

Transforms is the result of inviting 23 composers to create new works based on the 44 Nerve Events. Radically diverse techniques were used to create this music, ranging from custom digitial signal processing and composition software, to simpler live performance and multitrack recording methods. The result is a divergent collection of compositions each unmistakably the composer's own, yet rooted in a common resource.

Participating composers:

For further information, contact:

Nick Didkovsky / Punos Music / Nerveware
118 East 93rd Street, Apt 9C, NYC NY, 10128-1665
Tel: (212) 369-1733, Fax: (212) 996-4214

Produced by Nick Didkovsky
Transforms images created by Nick Didkovsky, with custom software written in Amiga JForth.

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