Forthcoming Performances

Doctor Nerve Hors Gabarit Poster, 1990 Doctor Nerve Hors Gabarit Poster, 1990 Doctor Nerve Hors Gabarit Poster, 1990 Doctor Nerve Hors Gabarit Poster, 1990

Doctor Nerve European Tour 2013

Ice Cream Time is back!

The 10th year anniversary of Ice Cream Time is marked by two performances by PRISM Sax Quartet, with Nick Didkovsky (gtr/composer) and Thomas Dimuzio (real time sound processing).
The PRISM Quartet, composer/guitarist Nick Didkovsky, and sonic alchemist Thomas Dimuzio perform Ice Cream Time, an evening-length work by Didkovsky that uses electric guitar, an onslaught of saxophones, and real-time computer processing to explore the boundaries between human- and software-generated music. Didkovsky is best known for his work with Doctor Nerve, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, and Bang On A Can, and for developing his own computer music language.

Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 5:00 PM
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Art After 5 Series
2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Sunday evening, May 19, 2013
509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 267-0363
Ice Cream Time CD on New World Records

Past Performances

Doctor Nerve plays ProgDay 2012!
Come to beautiful Chapel Hill, NC and see Nerve rip up the stage on Sunday Sept 2 at ProgDay!
Be a badass! Come to ProgDay and see Doctor Nerve perform!
We will be selling a limited edition ProgDay only EP of five new tunes!

Doctor Nerve at Le Poisson Rouge, Feb 13, 2012

Doctor Nerve returns to Le Poisson Rouge in NYC! We'll be ripping through our new tunes and digging out some of the less played older repertoire as well. The band is ridiculously hot since our Zappanale performance, and we are excited to play in this superb venue. And we'll be recording multitrack! Check out some recent videos.

Monday Feb 13, 2012
Doors 9:30 // Show 10pm
$10 advance, $12 day of show
Event info

Häßliche Luftmasken, Feb 29, 2012, 10pm

Nick's metal band returns to The Stone!
Jesse Krakow on bass, Keith Abrams on drums, Josh Lopes on guitar, and Nick D on guitar.

Thanks to Pogus Productions for curating this night!
Check out our YouTube playlist from our premiere show.

The Stone is located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street.

Swim This (Lytle/Didkovsky/Hemingway)

"Three highly inventive improvisers (or instant composers) matching wits and working most creatively together." - Bruce Lee Gallanter

Two gigs in January:

  • Freddy's Back Room in south Park Slope Brooklyn, Tues. Jan. 24th, 2012 at 10pm.
  • Harvestworks Studio PASS,596 Broadway, #602, NY, Sat. Jan 28, 2012 at 8:30pm

  • These two performances are considered rare and spectacular, featuring:
    Michael Lytle - clarinets and electronics
    Gerry Hemingway - drums, perc.
    Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar and sonics preparations
    You will leave this concert with vibes in your ears.

    Doctor Nerve, Nov 29, 2011

    At The Stone, Cuneiform Records week! Forever Einstein at 8pm. Doctor Nerve at 10pm. Read all about it
    Check out our YouTube playlist from our recent performance at Zappanale. THE STONE is located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street.

    Police Academy perform Didkovsky's "Caught by the Sky With Wire"

    Police Academy is an uncanny duo consisting of the exceptional Mariel Roberts ('cello) and superlative Mike Perdue (percussion).
    They're performing my piece Caught by the Sky With Wire and they're going to nail it beyond belief.
    Also performing pieces by Xenakis (who?), Perdue, Golijov, Traxler, and Perotin. Holy moley watta night.
    Manhattan School of Music (122nd and BWay), Ades Performance Space
    Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011, 7:30PM
    Free admission!!! Free admission!!! Free admission!!!
    If you don't attend this you will turn into a ___________.

    Nick Didkovsky Guitar Mashup at Machine Project

    Friday, April 22nd, 2011
    Nick Didkovsky plans an evening to celebrate his guitar some, performing some new and some not-so-new works for solo electric guitar. He’ll include homebrew music software in the mix, and take an occasional break from his own pieces to play some classic Black Sabbath solos, guitar-clinic style. Finishing the evening, Nick will be joined by noise-smith Ulrich Krieger for a blistering improvised set. Free admission!!! Free admission!!! Free admission!!! You do not need a valid birth certificate to attend.

    Machine Project
    1200-D North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026
    Phone: 213-483-8761
    More info

    Häßliche Luftmasken

    Really excited about this: new metal band with Jesse Krakow on bass, Keith Abrams on drums, Josh Lopes on guitar, and Nick D on guitar, playing metal edged face melters.
    Premiere show June 1, 2011 10pm, at The Stone NYC, as part of New World Records week.
    Thanks to New World Records and New Spectrum for supporting this startup!

    Michael Lytle & Nick Didkovsky Duo

    Following their staggering premiere performance at Roulette Intermedium, the incorruptable duo does it again at University of the Streets!

    The University of the Streets
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 8PM
    130 E. 7th Street 10009
    www.universityof the

    Michael Lytle & Nick Didkovsky Duo (pics and sounds)

    Shadow Puppies (Hans Tammen, Kurt Ralske, Nick Didkovsky)

    The Shadow Puppies rise again with Tammen and Didkovsky torturing tabletop guitars and Ralske schnickling with real-time video projection and stuff.
    They will performing a new work entitled "Feast on Meat Packets"

    Come to beautiful and educational Monmouth University (West Long Branch, NJ), on February 7, 2011 at 8PM to see this extraordinary thing.
    And the performance is in Monmouth's TV Studio, so we're getting some cool documentation.
    Shadow Puppies Home

    Music With A View

    The Music With A View season is ending with a supercharged show on June 6 at 3:00 PM---and it's FAMILY-FRIENDLY!!
    There will be percussion, dance, video, electric guitar, computer madness, and a fictional bear who tells her tale to the accompaniment of DJ turntables! After the concert, there will be demonstrations, and we'll be taking questions from YOU, the audience.

    As always, the event is FREE.

    Here's the Program:

    MICHAEL EVANS-SUSAN HEFNER (Percussion, Dance) "Happy Accident"

    NICK DIDKOVSKY (Electric Guitar, Computer) "She Closes Her Sister With Heavy Bones" "Density Trajectory Study II"

    ELAN VYTAL (aka DJ Scientific----Narrator, Turntables, Electronic Sounds) "Prospect Bear"

    @The Flea Theater
    41 White Street (between Church and Broadway---3 blocks below Canal)
    Sunday, June 6, 3:00 PM
    Admission Free---Open Seating
    Drinks Served in the Lobby, can bring into the theater

    Dither Guitar Quartet - CD release party!

    Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ The Invisible Dog
    $6, 7:00-11:00, festivities continue into the night!

    Dither hosts a ridiculously amazing party and concert in celebration of the release of our debut album on Henceforth Records!

    Nick will be performing new duo stuff with Kathleen Supove, then joining the Hearing Deprivation Orchestra for a piece by Eric km Clark, and then joining Dither for a performance of James Tenney's Septet for Electric guitars and Bass. Overstimulating!

    $6 will earn you admission to the gallery, curious musical offerings throughout the evening, inexpensive drinks provided by Brooklyn Brewery, and a special reduced album price!

    Highlights include Elliott Sharp performing on eight-string guitarbass, a solo bagpipe performance from progressive piper Matthew Welch, a collaboration between pianist Kathleen Supové and composer/guitarist Nick Didkovsky, live circuit bending from Loud Objecst, Wii-controlled drumming from Mantra Percussion, gorgeous new compositions from Redhooker, multitracked textural ecstacy from French singer/bassist Florent Ghys, and the Deprivation Orchestra of NY's rendition of Eric km Clark's "Deprivation Music #1" for a large ensemble of hearing-deprived musicians!

    Dither will perform selections from their album, as well as the the world premiere of Eve Beglarian's "The Garden of Cyrus", Fred Frith's "Stick Figures" performed by two players on six table-top guitars, and James Tenney's rarely heard "Septet" for six guitars and electric bass.

    The Invisible Dog Art Center is a beautiful new space in downtown Brooklyn. This historic building was once a manufacturing plant for invisible dogs in the 70's, and is now converted into a spacious industrial gallery. The Invisible Dog is adjacent to the Bergen F/G line, and a short walk from the 2/3/4/5/A/C/R lines.

    The Invisible Dog Art Center
    51 Bergen St. (F/G to Bergen, 2/3/4/5/A/R to Borough Hall)
    Brooklyn, NY
    Facebook Invitation here

    dorkbot nyc

    Nick Didkovsky : recent software-assisted composition
    Nick will present his new composition "Firm Soapy Hothead", commissioned by the loadbang ensemble. The piece brings together dadaistic aphorisms that he penned with his colleague Charles O'Meara (, Nick's own automatic composition software authored in JMSL (, and the formidable talents of the new music quartet *loadbang* (Jeffrey Gavett - baritone voice, Andy Kozar - trumpet, William Lang - trombone, Alejandro Acierto - bass clarinet, Nick will demonstrate the software he used to compose the piece, and loadbang will be on hand to perform a few movements from the work.
    dorkbot info

    loadbang premieres "Firm soapy hothead"

    Loadbang are premiering my new piece at ISSUE Project Room!
    Sickly aphorisms set to healthy music (see

    You will love this ensemble, comprised of tinnitus-inducing trumpet, bold and beautiful bass clarinet, tenacious and tremulous trombone, and brazenly barbaric baritone voice.
    If you stay home your eyes will fall off
    March 18, 2010 at 8:00pm

    Fear Grinders, Ride!
    The Stone, NYC
    The corner of Ave C and 2nd St
    Sun Oct 18, 2009, 8pm
    Nick Didkovsky - elec guitar
    Don Davis & Peter Buettner - saxes
    Keith Abrams & Kevin Norton - drums
    Jesse Krakow & Steve Rust - elec bass

    Performing music for flame throwers and motorcycles.

    This is a double band, but you can hear a
    trio rehearsal here and just double it in your head.

    Doctor Nerve, Dither Guitar Quartet, and Todd Reynolds (solo)

    Le Poisson Rouge, July 12, 2009 starting at 7:30pm
    Unbelievably sick night of music.
    First Todd's going to do something with his violin, starting around 7:30pm
    Then Nerve is going to play a bunch of new and not so new pieces drawn from 25 friggin YEARS of our musical life together.
    Then Dither is going to incite some violence on four electric guitars.
    Don't be surprised if Todd joins Nerve some time during the set.
    Don't be surprised if Dither joins Nerve some time during the set.
    Don't be surprised if you leave this show feeling like you just ate a hand grenade.

    TILT Brass plays Didkovsky's "Stink Up! Evolved Form"

    This premiere is not to be missed! This piece is based on rhythmic modulations, as are all pieces in the Stink Up! series. Tempo changes abruptly each measure, keeping one or another group of instruments’ absolute pulse constant through each change.
  • Watch Kevin Norton's left hand play in synch with Trumpet 1, Horn 1, Trombone 1.
  • Watch Kevin Norton's right hand play in synch with Trumpet 2, Horn 2, Trombone 2.
  • Watch Kevin Norton's feet play in synch with Bass Trombone and Tuba.

    June 18th at ISSUE Project Room

    Geoff Burleson and Mary Rowell play Didkovsky's If Reptiles Organs Thrive

    Flea for Tribeca New Music Festival. Sunday June 7.
    If Reptiles Organs Thrive consists of short little movements that are precise fleeting and as one audience member told me after the premiere, "exceptional". But I did not really understand what she meant. Still that's nice.

    Bang on a Can Marathon

    Sunday, May 31 at 12:00pm, The World Financial Center Winter Garden, NY NY
    I'll be playing guitar with the Dither Guitar Quartet and 6 other guitarists, performing Eric km Clark's gorgeously cacophonous hearing deprivation piece "exPAT". Should be a good gig: I get to play loud and I don't get to hear any mistakes because I've got white noise pumping into my ears. So please come and let me know if we did a good performance... "exPAT"'s scheduled to go on around 1:30pm

    JavaOne, San Francisco, June 5, 2009

    Nick will participate in a discussion/demo of making music with the Java programming language. He'll be showing off his Java Music Specification Language (JMSL), a Java API for making real-time and surreal time music with computers.

    See Making Music With Java

    With Andrew Brown, Queensland University of Technology; Frank Greco, NYJavaSIG; Robert Keller, Harvey Mudd College; David Koelle, Charles River Analytics Inc.

    Ice Cream Time European Tour

    5th of march 2009, Münster, CUBA, Germany, 8 pm,
    7th of march 2009, Forli, Area Sismica, Italy, 10:30 pm,
    8th of march 2009, Lugano, Conservatori della Svizzera Italiano, Oggi Musica, Switzerland.

    Extended Guitars (Didkovsky, Tammen, Hirt, Repetto)

    ISSUE Project Room, Wed July 2, 2008

    The EXTENDED GUITARS with Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, Nick Didkovsky and Douglas Repetto play contemporary tabletop guitar music (all except for Douglas who will perform with bio-activated electro mechanical creatures) - sounds that not only seems chaotic on the surface, with a forest of apparently separate details, interlinked underneath, woven together as a maze of infinite complexity, but is chaotic at deeper levels as well.

    For this quartet improvisation at ISSUE Project Room our guest Douglas Repetto has bred a small army of bio-activated electro-mechanical creatures that produce small and terrifying noises. The audience is advised to bring a mask and snorkel, or maybe a puffer.

    Extended Guitars info
    ISSUE Project Room info

    ETHEL and Electric Kompany perform Didkovsky's "Human Dog"

    Look and Listen Festival 2008
    Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 8 pm
    OK Harris
    383 West Broadway, NYC (between Broome and Spring)
    $10 per concert. For tickets or reservations call 718-622-3005

    Ice Cream Time

    Ice Cream Time is a one hour performance featuring Nick Didkovsky, Thomas Dimuzio and the Arte Saxophone Quartett. We are performing ICT at the FIMAV festival in Victoriaville, Quebec
    05/18/2008 03:00 PM
    Ice Cream Time info
    Ice Cream Time CD on New World Records
    FIMAV info

    Didkovsky's Slim In Beaten Dreamers for brass quintet and drum set

    Sunday, March 30, 2008, 7:30 PM
    Performed in LA's dazzling Walt Disney Concert Hall by CalArts New Millennium Performers, Wind and Brass Ensemble
    Event details

    Premiere of new Didkovsky piece "Each Tick of the Living", for Glass Farm Ensemble

    March 12th at the Embassy of Switzerland, 2900 Cathedral Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20008, Tel. 202-745-7900 Fax 202-232-1050
    Event details
    March 16th at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, 450 W 37th Street (37th street between 9th and 10th Ave) New York, NY
    Event details

    Sonic Generator performs Nick Didkovsky's "Rain On A Frail Cutie"

    Feb 12, 2008, 8pm
    GT Alumni House, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

    Sonic Generator is the contemporary music ensemble-in-residence at Georgia Institute of Technology dedicated to the performance and exploration of music composed, shaped, influenced, enhanced, and created by the use of technology. "Rain..." was originally composed for California EAR Unit. This is the second performance ever. If you are anywhere within 2000 miles of Georgia, you must see this.
    Event details

    Doctor Nerve, Bone, Sirius String Quartet at Whitney Museum of American Art (Madison ave at 75th street, NYC)

    Friday, Feb 15th 2008, 7pm
    Nick has been invited to do a "composer's showcase"... we'll open with Tube Mouth Bow String for string quartet and four talkboxes, then a set by Bone (Didkovsky/ Hugh Hopper/ John Roulat), finishing with a set by Doctor Nerve.
    If that's not enough, Ben Herrington of Meridian Arts Ensemble is joining Nerve for these shows.
    Should be slammin'. Pay what you wish.
    Event details
    Supported in part with a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

    Doctor Nerve and Bone double bill.

    Feb 16th, 2008
    Oh my lord this will be sick. Bunch of new Nerve tunes, too. And yes Ben Herrington is playing with Nerve tonight as well.
    Orion Sound Studios 2903 Whittington Ave Suite C, Baltimore, MD
    Event details
    Supported in part with a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

    Bone in-store

    Nick Didkovsky / Hugh Hopper / John Roulat
    Feb 17th, 2008, 7pm
    Downtown Music Gallery
    342 Bowery [between E. 2nd & E. 3rd Streets], New York, NY 10012-2408 Phone: (212) 473-0043

    Didkovsky's "If Reptiles Organs Thrive" performed by Either/Or

    CounterStream Radio Concert Broadcast: Either/Or Spring 2007 Festival

    Founded in 2004 by composer/pianist Richard Carrick and percussionist David Shively, Either/Or performs music for unconducted chamber ensemble or soloists. Its programs focus on American experimental music, its influence on the European avant-garde, and the works of emerging composers.

    Hear selections from Either/Or's 2007 Spring Festival on December 6 at 9 p.m. If you miss the show, catch the recap on December 9 at 3 p.m.

    Electric Kompany and ETHEL string quartet
    Premiere Nick Didkovsky's "Human Dog"

    Attack of the Killer Rock Octet Halloween Concert & Party
    Join ETHEL and ELECTRIC KOMPANY at Dominic Frasca’s The Monkey! 7pm concert features performances by ETHEL and Electric Kompany as well as select pieces from Nick Didkovsky’s "Human Dog." 10pm concert features extended performances by both groups and the full premiere of “Human Dog” plus a post-concert Halloween party featuring DJ Spencer Levon with costume contests and prizes, and psychic readings.

    Premiere of Nick Didkovsky’s "Human Dog" commissioned by Electric Kompany with funding provided by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust through fiscal sponsorship provided by ETHEL’S FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS.

    Saturday, October 27, 2007
    7pm Concert
    10pm Concert & Halloween Party w/ DJ Spencer Levon
    Attack of the Killer Rock Octet @ The Monkey, NYC
    Advance Tickets:
    $20 7PM (includes wine reception)
    $40 10PM (includes wine reception and post-concert party with DJ Spencer Levon)


    Electric Kompany

    Friday, September 14th at 7:30 pm at the Ethical Society
    Previewing one movement of Nick Didkovsky's new piece Human Dog (see Oct 27 premiere below)

    Electric Kompany ( is very proud to be part of the opening concert of the 2007-8 Wordless Music series on Friday, September 14th at 7:30 pm at the Ethical Society of Lincoln Center (64th st. and Central Park West).

    Nick Didkovsky and Sirius String Quartet, Sonic Circuits Festival

    Performing the repertoire from the CD TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING
    Saturday, September 22 at The Warehouse
    1017 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
    Metro: Mount Vernon Sq/Convention Center
    Show time: 8:00pm
    Tickets: $15.00
    Nick Didkovsky & Sirius String Quartet
    Ida Lunden
    Shelf Life
    Moljebka Pvlse
    Kohoutek Percussion Ensemble
    Caustic Castle

    New Ballet festival at the Miller Theatre

    Sep 27-30, 2007 at Miller Theatre, Columbia University
    Nick will perform electric guitar with the Sirius String Quartet on Fred Frith's piece "Fell". Choreography by Amanda Miller.
    This is an exciting series which presents three newly commissioned dances by choreographers Alison Chase, Luca Veggetti, and Amanda Miller.
    More info at Miller Theatre listing for this event

    Xtended Guitars (Nick Didkovsky, Keith Rowe, Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen)

    Sep 6-8
    Music in the Global Village Conference, Budapest, Hungary
    Premiering "Density Trajectory Study II", following a real-time score ND composed in JMSL
    Nick will also present his paper "Automatic composition for traditional instruments using Java Music Specification Language"

    Either/Or Ensemble

    Friday April 6, 2007 at 8pm

    Premiering "If Reptiles Organs Thrive", a new work for piano and violin composed by Didkovsky for Either/Or.
    Also on the program, works by Xenakis, Gordon, Byrne, Flynt, and Carrick.

    Either/Or is also performing a completely different program on Saturday, April 7 see

    Tenri Cultural Institute
    43A West 13th Street
    (between 5th and 6th)
    New York, NY
    (212) 645-2800
    $15/$10 students

    Swim This (Didkovsky, Hemingway & Lytle)

    Galapagos Art Space Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    Friday, March 30, 2007 midnight

    Celebrating our new Swim This CD! ( )

    Swim This is...
    Nick Didkovsky - tabletop guitar
    Gerry Hemingway - drums
    Michael Lytle - clarinets and electronics

    "Three highly inventive improvisers (or instant composers) matching wits and working most creatively together." - Bruce Lee Gallanter

    This evening of twisted music curated by Kevin Gallagher. We're on at midnight, but come early because look who else is playing:
    8pm - Marco Cappelli - solo guitar with electronics
    9pm - Dan Cooper Trio - classical and contemporary compositions arranged and composed for rock trio
    10pm - Electric Kompany - complex contemporary music for Rock quartet
    11pm - Do Shadows Savage - Experimental Punk Rock Trio
    12am - Swim This ( that's us )
    1am - Blarvuster - avant rock, celtic, minimalist, and asian traditions
    admission $12

    Galapagos is at 70 North 6th Street between Kent and Wythe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, tel. 718 782-5188

    New Sounds on WNYC

    Tuesday March 20, 2007 at 11pm
    WNYC 93.9 FM

    Nick talks with John Schaefer about his new CD Tube Mouth Bow String (Pogus Productions), and composes two pieces for Doctor Nerve live in the studio using a new version of his automated composition software.

    Nick Didkovsky, A fün nite

    Performing on laptop and generating a couple of spontaneously combusted Nerve tunes.
    This coming Thursday evening (March 1 2007) marks the inaugural event in
    a monthly meeting devoted to informal performance and discussion of
    laptop improvisation in the New York area.  We're calling these "CMC
    fün nites" and our intention is to provide a dorkbot-like forum for
    artists and musicians involved in technological improvisation.  This
    first event will feature performances and talk by:
    	PG (Terry Pender and Brad Garton, possible video
                   enhancements by Luke Dubois)
    	Sam Pluta  (audio and video improvisations)
    	Nick Didkovsky (improvisational pieces by Dr. Nerve!)
    Please come to join us!  We will be in the main space of the third
    floor of Prentis Hall, 632 W. 125th Street (just off Broadway).
    Visit the CMC web site [] for

    Nick Didkovsky, Music With A View @ Flea

    Monday, February 5 @ 7pm
    Moderator: Nick Didkovsky
    Lisa Karrer
    Hans Tammen 
    the flea theater is located in Manhattan's Tribeca district, at 41 White St., between Broadway and Church St., three blocks south of Canal St.

    Body Parts European Tour 2006

    -23 Novembre  Coustellet
    -24 Novembre  Schio
    -25 Novembre  Meldola
    -26 Novembre  Genève
    -27/28        Nancy
    -29 Novembre  Lille
    -30 Novembre  Rennes
    -01 Decembre  Cherbourg
    -02 Decembre  Bielefeld
    -03 Decembre  Münster
    Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar
    Guigou Chenevier - drums and toys


    Thursday 12/14/06
    8 & 10 pm - $15 admission each set

    The STONE is located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street

    Hugh Hopper el bass, Nick Didkovsky guitar and computer, John Roulat drums
    Though this trio - Hopper (Soft Machine), Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve), Roulat (Forever Einstein) - recorded the album Uses Wrist Grab, this is actually the first time they will play together in the same room.

    And now a word from the fine producers of this event and the month long festival of which it is a part... take it away Bruce Gallanter...

    More than a year ago, my partner, Manny Maris, was having a conversation our good friend John Zorn, artistic director of The Stone performance space, and asked if it was possible for Manny to celebrate his birthday next year (2006) with a special concert at The Stone. Since each month at The Stone is curated by a different musician, Zorn suggested that Manny & I curate the month of December ourselves. We are the only non-musicians to be asked to do this and we are truly honored. Our store, Downtown Music Gallery, is a big supporter of The Stone. We are pleased to sell The Stone benefit CD and your truly was only too glad to be made Communications Director of The Stone. So...

    Our initial dream was to open our fest with Keith Tippett's Mujician, since Keith is our favorite pianist and Mujician would've played on Manny's birthday, December 2nd. But alas, we couldn't afford the guarantee that Keith desired. Perhaps next year. What we do have is the rest of Mujician, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers and Tony Levin as a trio and with guests for December 1st-3rd, as well as collaborating with trumpet ace Dennis Gonzalez on December 9th. For the rest of the month, Manny and I sat down and put together our dream list of musicians who have inspired us for many years. Many of whom are coming from faraway places like England, Amsterdam, France, San Francisco and L.A. None of whom, have ever played at The Stone before as a leader, except for Fred Frith.

    This festival is dedicated to three of our heroes, master musicians who have passed away in the last year: Derek Bailey, Elton Dean and Pip Pyle. This will be a truly historic month, a once-in-a-lifetime month-long festival. We will be filming (on DAT) and recording each set, with hopes of releasing some/many of these sets in the future on the DMG/ARC label. Remember that the Stone has only 65 seats plus a small standing room section, so please book those vacations now! We hope to selling advance tickets for the three-day Frith/Hodgkinson/Cutler reunion/celebration, December 15th-17th. We hope that our friends at various enlightened publications help to spread the word, as well as those of you who read our weekly newsletters.

    Shadow Puppies

    Presents a new work entitled "Rise from the Depths of the Sea!" for electric guitars, computers, and live video processing.
    Sat, Dec 16, 8pm
    400 Carroll Street
    between Bond and Nevins
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Telephone: 718-330-0313

    Nick Didkovsky & Sirius String Quartet

    CD Release concert at ISSUE Project Room
    Saturday Jan 6, 2007, 8pm
    400 Carroll Street
    between Bond and Nevins
    Brooklyn, NY 11231
    Telephone: 718-330-0313

    Performance includes tabletop electric guitar, pieces for computer and string quartet, and TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING, for String Quartet, talkboxes, and whammy pedals

    Nick Didkovsky, Music With A View @ Flea

    Sunday, January 7 @ 3pm
    This is Family Sunday!
    Bring the kids!
    Nick will present his automatic composition software. You get to pick the numbers, the computer generates a freaky piece for mixed ensemble.
    Moderator:  Preston Stahly
    Nick Didkovsky
    Joshua Fried
    Ritsu Katsumata
    the flea theater is located in Manhattan's Tribeca district, at 41 White St., between Broadway and Church St., three blocks south of Canal St.

    Zinc Nine Psychedelic, Baltimore and NYC shows

    Dave Ballou: trumpet, electronics
    Nick Didkovsky: guitar, laptop-electronics
    Kevin Norton: percussion

    Saturday Nov 4th, 8:30pm
    An die Musik LIVE!
    409 North Charles Street, Second Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
    For more info, including misspelled ensemble name

    Sunday Nov 5, sets at 7 and 9pm
    Jimmy’s Restaurant DOWNSTAIRS @ 43 East 7th Street • NYC • 212-982-3006
    $10 door • 1 drink minimum
    Reasonably great and reasonably priced food

    Xtended Guitars: Didkovsky, Tammen, Hirt, Cooper

    International Guitar Festival Münster 2006, Germany

    Xtended Guitars: The quartet with Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, Nick Didkovsky & Mike Cooper play contemporary tabletop guitar music - sounds that, to the initiated, seem, at first, practically chaotic (on the table's surface), with an acid rainforest of nearly-apparent yet separate details, marginally interlinked underneath the lobes, woven together with glucose as a maze of partially infinite neocomplexity.

    Xtended Guitars: Das Quartett mit Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, des Einschnittes Didkovsky u. Mike des Faßbinders Spiel zeitgenössische tabletop Guitarre Musik - Töne, die, eingeleitet, anfangs praktisch chaotisch scheinen (auf der Oberfläche der Tabelle), mit einer Säure, die von den fast-offensichtlichen dennoch unterschiedlichen Details rainforest ist, verbanden am Rand unter die Vorsprung, gesponnen zusammen mit Glukose als Labyrinth des teilweise endlosen neocomplexity.

    Wednesday. 17.Mai.2006, 20hrs.
    Tickets: 8,-/ 5,- €
    Get real: this page

    New Thing Productions with Metropolis Books, Ra-Lins & the CNY JAF Presents:

    Zinc Nine Psychedelic (Z9P)

    Dave Ballou: trumpet, electronics
    Nick Didkovsky: guitar, laptop-electronics
    Kevin Norton: percussion

    ZINC NINE PSYCHEDELIC is a trio of three visionary musicians that play exciting, vital music, devoted to improvisation based in pure sound and sonic tone color. Their first performance together as this trio achieved legendary status within the New York new music cognoscenti. Kevin’s percussion colors, Dave’s trumpet and live electronics, and Nick’s electric guitar and software create a sonic space that is vibrant, exciting, and transformational.

    Sunday May 14th, 2006 at 7 PM
    Jazz Central at 441 East Washington Street, Downtown Syracuse
    $12, $10 with student ID
    For more info 315.569.4529

    Monday, May 15th 2006 at 8 pm
    The Bop Shop is located at 274 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY
    $ FREE!
    For more info: 585-271-3354

    Electric Kompany with guitarist Kevin Gallagher play three of ND's compositions

    Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 7 p.m. at The Flea Theater, the New York Art Ensemble will present the guitarist Kevin Gallagher and his Avant Pop group, Electric Kompany, featuring - Kevin Gallagher, electric guitar, Jim Johnston, keyboards; Alex Walker, bass; Thad Wheeler, drums; and guest, Sarah M. Newman, vocals.

    The program includes
  • Architectonics by Erkki-Sven Tüür for electric guitar and piano. The language of the piece is influenced by groups such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and Mike Oldfield.
  • Fratres (the title means “brotherhood” in Latin) by Arvo Pärt brings a deeply spiritual and transcendental element to this piece of music, which has been arranged for guitar and piano by Mr. Gallagher.
  • Grab it! by Jacob ter Veldhuis works with samples from the documentary Scared Straight in which prisoners are shown intimidating and threatening juvenile delinquents in the hopes of scaring them away from a future prison life.
  • 3 Works by Nick Didkovsky (Egil the Skald, I Kick My Hand, and We'll Ask the Questions Around Here), arranged for the Electric Kompany into a gritty and sophisticated soup that combines heavy metal and intriguing dynamic and harmonic contrasts.
  • 3 Miniatures by Marc Mellits contrast soft pulsing and hard-driving rhythmic patterns that can sound like Phillip Glass on steroids.
  • Justine’s Red, A Tale of Pain and Redemption by Thad Wheeler, is sung by Sarah M. Newman. It’s a rock concert--musical vision of an apocalyptic world ruled by raw power. The libretto combines the plot lines of two novels by the Marquis de Sade, Justine and Juliette—a unique and very unusual rock musical that combines pulp, power, and wit.

    Electric Kompany is an ensemble dedicated to arranging, composing, and commissioning music for rock quartet--the “modern instrument ensemble” of our times. At this time in music history, composers are freely combining avant-garde and American popular music aesthetics. This new “Avant - Pop” music is daring, exciting, shocking, and cutting edge. However, most composers are writing this “new” music for “old” instruments. Typically, pieces are written for traditional instruments with touches of modern technology--a string quartet with an added delay effect, a cello routed through a tube screamer pedal, an orchestra piece with a sampler. As beautiful as these pieces are, there still is a tremendous lack of “modern music” written for “modern instruments”--electric guitar, keyboards, drum set, etc. This is the next logical step in music evolution and is the main reason for the formation of the group Electric Kompany.

    Tickets are $15 and are available through Theatermania: online at or by phone at 212-352-3101.

    Marco Cappelli, Extreme Guitar Project

    Marco Cappelli performs Didkovsky's A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime
    Release concert for Marco's new solo cd EGP (EXTREME GUITAR PROJECT), which will take place on:
    Wednesday MARCH 8, 2006 - 8:00 pm

    (The Italian Academy´s Teatro in Casa Italiana is located at 1161 Amsterdam Avenue between 116th and 118th Streets)

    EGP has been produced by Elliott Sharp and will be released next week on Mode Records, see more on:
    MARCO CAPPELLI, guitar
    WEDNESDAY MARCH 8, 2006 AT 8:00 PM
    The Spring 2006 concert series at Columbia University´s Italian Academy opens 
    on Wednesday March 8 with a recital by the well-known Italian guitarist Marco 
    Cappelli. This performance will coincide with the release on Mode Records of  
    the new solo CD of Cappelli´s "Extreme Guitar Project"  (produced by Elliott 
    Sharp) in which ten downtown New York composers were commissioned to write new 
    pieces for Cappelli. The composers include Elliott Sharp, Annie Gosfield, Marc 
    Ribot, Otomo Yoshihide, Ikue Mori, Anthony Coleman, Mark Stewart, David Shea, 
    Erik Friedlander and Nick Didkovsky.
    Admission to the Spring 2006 concerts is $12 for the general public, $5 for 
    students and seniors with tickets available only at the door the evening of 
    the performance. Call 212 854 1623 or email for 
    reservations or information. The Italian Academy´s Teatro in Casa Italiana is 
    located at 1161 Amsterdam Avenue between 116th and 118th Streets. Series 
    curator: Rick Whitaker.

    Anne La Berge performs Scratch, for multiple CD players and live performer

    Thursday March 9, at 8pm
    Greenwich House Music School
    46 Barrow Street, New York City
    Listen to some scratchy excerpts and find out more about Scratch
    Find out what else is on Anne's agenda at

    Fireworks Ensemble performs Didkovsky's "Browless, Mere Knife"

    Fireworks will perform Browless twice (see below). Very hot ensemble (crankin' piece too!)
    March 10, 2006
    Patricia M. Sitar Center
    1700 Kalorama Road, NW Suite 101
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 797-2145
    Washington, DC
    March 18, 2006
    Tenri Cultural Institute
    43A West 13th Street
    (between 5th and 6th)
    New York, NY
    (212) 645-2800

    Michael Lytle, Gerry Hemmingway, and Nick Didkovsky

    Experimental Intermedia Foundation
    224 Centre Street, NY NY
    Sunday March 19, 2006

    Improvising of course! Michael plays bass clarinet and is the evening's host. Gerry plays all manner of percussive things. Nick plays tabletop guitar and software and may occasionally pick his guitar up.

    Radio Broadcast

    On Monday March 20, there will be an radiobroadcast on De Concertzender on Nick's music.
    The program contains composition by ND for Dr Nerve, Fred Frith Guitarquartet, Binky Boy and 4 tracks of the new extremely exciting and delicious piece Ice Cream Time for ARTE Saxophone Quartett, Thomas Dimuzio, and Nick.
    It will also be broadcast through the internet march 20 23.00-0.00 CET; so if you're not in Europe on Monday you can still hear it.
    Thanks Patrice Zeegers.

    Doctor Nerve

    Open Ear Music presents : THE 1st ANNUAL FUTURE FEST of EXPERIMENTAL ROCK
    featuring :
    Friendly Bears
    Doctor Nerve
    Trio Convulsant
    The Zs
    November 5th, 2005.  Doors at 8pm.  $10
    The Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery (btw. bleecker & houston).
    questions, email szeniuk(at)

    Nerve will premiere three new tunes!
    Staying at home would be a tragedy

    Kathleen Supove performs Didkovsky's Rama Broom, a homicidal fantasy for solo piano and voice

    Montclair State University, "Peak Performance, celebrating the creative voice"
    Saturday, October 29, 2005 7:30 PM

    PIANO LICKS Kathleen Supove & Jed Distler

    Pianist and performance artist Kathleen Supove is one of today's most celebrated and versatile contemporary artists. Her orally - and visually - stimulating performances have wowed audiences in concert halls and clubs alike, and have made her synonymous with edgy yet accessible concert-theater. Jed Distler is a versatile, New Jersey born composer and pianist with a worldwide reputation for audacious musicality, having created compositions for airline boarding videos to mini operas. Together Supove and Distler will provide a highly enjoyable redefinition of the world's first synthesizer: a piano.

    Ticket price $25.00. MASTERCARD, VISA & DISCOVER ARE ACCEPTED. Takes place at the Alexander Kasser Theater.

    To purchase tickets, visit the Online Ticket Box Office, or call the MSU Box office at 973-655-5112. NO CHARGE FOR MSU UNDERGRADS THROUGH PERFORMING ARTS FEE.

    FONT Festival: Meridian Arts Ensemble performs Didkovsky's Slim in Beaten Dreamers

    August 26 concert at Yamaha Artist Services Center (see address below):
    Bliggidy Blam: featuring Brian McWhorter and Nate Wooley, announcing the release of their new album “formal i.”
    Meridian Arts Ensemble: commissioned works by Sanford, Sharp, Didkovsky (Slim in Beaten Dreamers), and Zappa – announcing the release of their new album “Brink”

    AUGUST 22 – 27

    A week of concerts and masterclasses presented by Lew Soloff, Mark Gould, Jeremy Pelt, Eric Biondo, Dave Douglas, Brian McWhorter, Kevin Cobb, Peter Evans, Manhattan Brass Quintet, Meridian Arts Ensemble, Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble, New York Trumpet Ensemble, Nate Wooley, Butch Morris, and Trumpet Nation

    All events will be held at the:
    Yamaha Artist Services Center
    689 Fifth Avenue
    New York City

    FRESH BLOOD presents Roaring Around

    at the Merce Cunningham Studio, 55 Bethune St. 11th Floor
    June 17th at 9pm
    June 18th at 8pm

    FRESH BLOOD is Jennifer Schmermund and KC Chun, a dance performance group who will present two new works that include Nick's music:
    Stark Ravings, choreographed by Jennifer Schmermund, with Nick's "Tearing His Head" and "Flesh Comes Out" recorded by the Sirius String Quartet on Doctor Nerve's Ereia CD.
    Collywobbles, choreographed by the utterly strange Sara Hook, using Nick's Amalia's Secret, recorded by Bang On A Can All-Stars

    Make a phone call to 917.582.8902 for tickets.

    FRESH BLOOD Productions is a newly established company under the co-direction of KC Chun and Jennifer Schmermund. Their joint philosophy and company framework aim to develop dance work both independently and collaboratively. Both women revel in their distinct points-of-view, nudging each other in unforeseen directions.

    Prism Sax Quartet

    Performing three pieces Nick composed for Prism:
    Stink Up! (PolyPrism 1)
    Stink Up! (PolyPrism 2)

    The Stink Up's are gnarly little pieces based on life-threatening tempo modulations. Talea is a one-minute piece based on disgruntled rhythmic boundaries.
    Venue: Leonard Nimoy Thalia
    May 20, 2005, 8:30pm

    TimeTable Percussion trio perform Didkovsky's "Overlife"

    TimeTable Percussion trio (Matthew Gold, Joseph Tompkins, and Matt Ward) will perform works by Nick Didkovsky, Beat Furrer, Wolfgang Rihm, Hiroya Miura and others. They will be followed by the avant-rock band Coptic Light.
    Wednesday, April 20, 8pm, The Bowery Poetry Club is located at 308 Bowery between Houston and Bleecker.

    California EAR Unit

    Premiering "Rain on a Frail Cutie" by Nick Didkovsky
    March 21, 2005 at 8PM
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd. LA CA 90036
    Ticket info 323-857-6010.

    Shadow Puppies with Guitarbots

    Harvestworks/Studio PASS, 596 Broadway, NYC
    March 21st, 2005, 7pm
    Following a residency at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where Didkovsky, Tammen, and Ralske successfully synchromeshed with LEMUR g-bot, Shadow Puppies returns to their native New York City to perform with the Guitarbot in an all-new edition of "Bots Gone Wild, Spring Break Bash, part 2".
    Glimpse of gushing talent at Shadow Puppies Official Meat Feast Home Page

    Genkin Philharmonic

    Performing Didkovsky's Preaching to the Converted

    The Genkin Philharmonic, an electro - acoustic chamber ensemble that performs music of contemporary composers, will present three performances in February 2005.

    Formed at University at Buffalo in 2000, Genkin is comprised of students from the UB Music Dept. and recent alumni. The Ensemble has been featured in performances at Buffalo area venues including Neitzche’s, the Calumet Arts Café, and the Hallwalls Arts Collective, at the 2002 International Trumpet Guild Conference, and in Mexico City at the 2003 Condesa Jazz Festival and the Festival Centro Historico de la Ciudad de Mexico.

    The concert dates are:
    February 1 - Juliet J. Rosch Recital Hall, Fredonia
    College, 8:00 pm, Fredonia, NY
    admission - free

    February 10 - The Tralf, 8:00 pm, Buffalo, NY
    admission - free
    with special guests, Thought

    February 13 - Tonic, 8:00 pm, New York City
    admission - $12
    with Nemesis, Frank London, and the New York Trumpet Ensemble

    the musicians: Jon Nelson – Director, arrangements, trumpet, vocals, Raymond Stewart – tuba, artistic advisor, Kevin Moehringer – trombone, Sabatino Scirri – flute, piccolo, vocals, Matthew Thomas – alto and soprano sax, Steve Baczkowski – tenor and baritone sax, David Pinchoff – tuned percussion, Tim Allen – electric guitar, Dave Lansom – electric bass, Vincent Loccisano – electric piano, Matt Felski – drum set, Jeremiah Fox – drum set

    music by: Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Previte, King Crimson, Emil Harnas 2, Tom Pierson, Jon Nelson, and Nick Didkovsky

    Shadow Puppies

    Presents a new work entitled "Feast on your meat!" for electric guitars, computers, and live video processing.
    Tuesday Nov 23, 2004, 8pm sharp!!!
    Thalia Theatre, 95th and Broadway, NYC
    Presented by Electronic Music Foundation ( )
    As you probably know by now, Shadow Puppies is:
  • Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar and software
  • Hans Tammen - electric guitar and software
  • Kurt Ralske - realtime video
    Video/audio clips and handsome faces at
    If you come to this gig you can share a cab with Nick down to Bowery Poetry Club to see Doctor Nerve at 10pm (see next listing)

    Doctor Nerve and PAK

    Tuesday Nov 23, 2004, 10pm sharp!!!
    Bowery Poetry Club
    308 Bowery (East Village)
    between Bleecker and Houston Sts.
    Part of Stefan Zeniuk's Open Ear series. Yeah!

    Doctor Nerve and Fireworks Ensemble

    Club Makor on October 20th , 8pm
    35 West 67th Street (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue)
    The uncorruptable Doctor Nerve will perform another rousing set of sounds for your screaming ears.
    Fireworks will perform their Dance Music project (Strauss, Bee gees, AFX, Ellington...)
    Fracture will perform some of Didkovsky's pieces for guitar quartet (!)
    Line up:
    8pm Fireworks
    9pm Doctor Nerve
    10pm "Fracture": guitar quartet
    More info! (212) 415-5500 for tickets or
    $12 for all three bands

    Shadow Puppies

    October 22, 2004 at Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute
    Performing with guitarbots (guitar robots! Freaky!)
    "Go go go Shadow Puppies feast on your meat.
    Go go go Shadow Puppies from the depths of the sea!"

    More info!

    Meridian Arts Ensemble

    Perform Didkovsky's Slim in Beaten Dreamers.
    November 14,2004, Festival of New American Music, in Sacramento, CA.
    11/14 FNAM program
    Brass Quintet (1974)				Elliott Carter
    Slim in Beaten Dreamers (1998)		Nick Didkovsky
    Beyond the Curve (2002)			Elliott Sharp
    Counterparts (1994)				Milton Babbitt	
    Slim in Beaten Dreamers (1998)		Nick Didkovsky
    Corpus (1996)					David Sanford

    Doctor Nerve & Sirius String Quartet: EREIA

    Tuesday, May 4, 2004, Caspary Auditorium, Rockefeller University, York Avenue and 66th Street
    Info: Ereia page at Rockefeller University
    This is a FREE event. Reserve Tickets
    More about EREIA

    The ambitious piece contrasted sections of through-composed counterpoint with a central movement where Didkovsky led the combined ensemble through a conducted improvisation as he spontaneously layered and juxtaposed slashing rhythms, horn trills, string glissandi, and synth smears like an aural painter.
    (Michael Rosenstein, Cadence)

    Fireworks Ensemble Premieres Didkovsky's "Browless, Mere Knife"

    Composed for Fireworks Ensemble, Browless Mere Knife is a fireball of complexity and energy.
    Also on the bill, premieres by Glenn Branca, David Sermersheim, David Ozab, and Brian Coughlin.

    Sunday, May 16, 2004 at 2:00 PM
    Tenri Cultural Institute
    43A West 13th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)
    New York, New York 10011
    (212) 645-2800
    suggested donation: $10

    Brian Coughlin: bass
    Oren Fader: guitar
    Jennifer Grim: flute
    Jim Johnston: keyboards
    Julian Molitz: percussion
    Tricia Park: violin
    Leigh Stuart: 'cello
    Taimur Sullivan: saxophone

    Shadow Puppies

    Aug 20 or 21, 2004
    Lotus Dance Studios, NYC
    More info as it develops
    Shadow Puppies is a cutting edge trio which conjures rich, complex, and entrancing worlds of electronic sound and vision in real-time. Didkovsky and Tammen stretch the boundaries of the electric guitar with an arsenal of objects, electronics, and homebrew computer software, while Ralske interactively captures and processes video using digital technology of his own design. The result is an uninterrupted journey through sonic eruptions, video hallucinations, and aggressive, entrancing mediascapes.

    Kathleen Supove, Exploding Piano

    Performs Didkovsky's Rama Broom, a homicidal fantasy for solo piano and voice
    8pm, March 30, 2004
    Flea Theatre, White Street, NYC

    New Century Players, REDCAT Theatre, Los Angeles

    Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

    The New Century Players premiere "Birds by their Feet, Men by their Tongue", composed by Nick Didkovsky.
    Tickets and info at REDCAT Calendar
    Nick will be in residence at CalArts during this period.

    Birds by their Feet, Men by their Tongue
    Composed by Nick Didkovsky for New Century Players
    The first half of Birds by their Feet, Men by their Tongue was composed by hand, with some use of algorithmic transforms to modify and develop material. Most of the last four minutes of the work was generated algorithmically. Instruments gradually veer away from their repeated phrases, following linearly interpolated statistical trajectories that begin with the pitches and event densities of hand-composed material, and end with the low event density and the pitches contained in the final chord. A thinning algorithm was applied to the drum set over the course of this passage, which gradually reduced the density of its repeated rhythm.

    Birds by their Feet, Men by their Tongue was composed using Java Music Specification Language (JMSL). All compositional algorithms and transforms were programmed in JMSL. All notation was done in JMSL’s Score package. The piece was exported from JMSL to San Andreas Press’s SCORE Music Typography System for final printing and part extraction.

    Birds by their Feet, Men by their Tongue is dedicated to my father Rostislav Didkowsky (1914 – 2003)

    Nick Didkovsky, Feb 22, 2004, NYC


    Ice Cream Time: Nick Didkovsky, Thomas Dimuzio, ARTE Quartett

    "Ultraschall" festival in Berlin.
    january 23.1.2004 21:00

    Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation

    The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation is producing a new ballet by Dwight Rhoden called Bounty Verses. Bounty Verses includes my solo guitar piece "I Kick My Hand", which I recorded live at Bang On A Can, and CRI originally released on the Emergency Music series. Thanks to New World Records for giving the Ailey Foundation the permission to use this recording.
    Bounty Verses at City Center  
    December 16th - 8:00pm (PREMIERE)
    December 19 - 8:00pm
    December 21 -7:30pm
    December 26 - 8:00pm
    December 30 - 8:00pm
    January 3 - 2:00pm
    For tickets and more info, visit City Center

    Doctor Nerve, Pak, Samla

    Knitting Factory, Aug 28, 2003

    A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime

    Marco Cappelli premiere's Didkovsky's A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime
    More on the piece.

    Shadow Puppies

  • Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar and software
  • Hans Tammen - electric guitar and software
  • Kurt Ralske - realtime video
    Sunday October 19, 2003, 8:30pm
    "Roulette at Location One"

    Visit Shadow Puppies online!
    Also on the bill: Matthew Ostrowski's group

    Nick Didkovsky & Thomas Dimuzio

    ND: Electric guitar, laptop (homebrew JMSL and JSyn software)
    TD: Live sampling (Kurzweil K2600)
    Improvised sonic extremism.
    Date and location TBA - late October 2003

    Phil Burk, Nick Didkovsky, Jonathan Simon

    JavaOne Conference, San Francisco
    Interactive Audio Techniques in JavaTM Technologies
    Interactive Audio Techniques in JavaTM Technologies TS-2616
    Thursday Jun 12, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM, Esplanade 303/305, Moscone Center
    This session demonstrates several techniques for adding audio to Java TM technology-based desktop applications, including real-time audio recording, playback, synthesis, and processing. Learn techniques applicable to voice messaging and voice over IP. Additional application areas include real-time continuous data sonification, musical performance, and live processing of voice and guitar signals. Particular attention is given to audio support on the various browser platforms.

    Examples use the Java TM Sound API available with JDK 1.3 release and above. Alternative APIs will also be demonstrated such as the JavaTM Sonics and JSyn packages, which work in browsers and older JDKs 1.1 and above.

    Intermediate knowledge of desktop Java technology programming and digital audio concepts such as sampling, tone generation, and mixing is recommended.

    Nick Didkovsky & Thomas Dimuzio

    ND: Electric guitar, laptop (homebrew JMSL and JSyn software)
    TD: Live sampling (Kurzweil K2600)
    Improvised sonic madness.
    June 10, 2003, 8pm
    Black Box, Oakland, CA

    Paul Dunmall, Kevin Norton, Paul Rogers Trio, with guests Roy Campbell and Nick Didkovsky

    May 21 the Knitting Factory (11pm) Old Office ... this is going to be great!
    Nick will play mistreat his guitar with a variety of objects including a laptop computer running homebrew software.

    Mercury New Music Ensemble

    Performs Nick's Amalia's Secret (originally commissioned for Bang On A Can).
    7:30pm 9th May 2003 Metro Arts Theatre 109 Edward Street, Brisbane (other works by Louis Andriessen, Paul Stanhope, David Lang and Gerard Brophy)
    1pm 10th May 2003 Metro Arts Theatre (repeat program)
    3pm 8th June 2003 Old Museum Building Concert Hall, Cnr. Gregory Tce. & Bowen Bridge Rd. Bowen Hills.

    Sirius String Quartet

    Perform TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING, for String Quartet, talkboxes, and whammy pedals
    Thursday, April 10, 2003
    Roulette, 228 West Broadway, NYC

    Ice Cream Time: a new work commissioned by ARTE Quartett

    April 11, 2003 palazzo, Listal (Basel Switzerland)
    ARTE Quartett - saxophones and more saxophones
    Nick Didkovsky - composer, guitar, homebrewed software
    Thomas Dimuzio - live electronics (and how!)
    Fr 11. April 20.30h
    Theater Palazzo
    Poststrasse 2
    Postfach 572
    CH - 4410 Liestal
    Kartenreservationen und Vorverkauf
    Tel  +41 (0)61 921 56 70
    Arte Quartett Plus Nick Didkovsky (Komposition/E-Gitarre)
    und Thomas Dimuzio (Live-Elektronik)
    Das Saxophon-Quartett präsentiert in seinem 3. Konzert den Komponisten Nick Didkovsky,
    der mit seiner selbstentwickelten Software die Klänge der Saxophone auffängt, live
    verarbeitet und die entstehenden Klanggebilde mit seinem Gitarrenspiel anreichert.
    Sein musikalischer Hintergrund als Avantgarde-Rock Gitarrist/Komponist wird dabei ebenso
    einfliessen wie seine Beschäftigung mit zeitgenössischer elektronischer Musik. Die Musiker
    begeben sich auf einen spannenden Weg zwischen notierten Partituren, Konzepten und Improvisationen.

    Meridian Arts Ensemble, Nick Didkovsky

    Eastern Carolina University New Music Festival
    Nick will give a seminar on composing with JMSL and JSyn. Meridian performs Nick's Slim in Beaten Dreamers


    The Meridian Arts Ensemble continues its Merkin Hall series with a second concert on, January 29, 2003 at 8:00 PM at Merkin Concert Hall, 129 W. 67th Street, New York City. The program, Extreme New York: The Meridian Commissions Ð Volume I, will open a series with a series revisiting works that Meridian Arts Ensemble has commissioned from New York City composers since the Ensemble's inception in 1987. Tickets are $15, $10 for students and seniors, and can be purchased from the Merkin Hall box office, 212-501-3330.

    The program by the Meridian Arts Ensemble features the New York Premiere of Nick Didkovsky's Slim in Beaten Dreamers. Guitarist Didkovsky is best known for leading his New York based avant Ð rock ensemble "Dr. Nerve", and also has performed with Fred Frith. The MAE will also perform David SanfordÕs Corpus, which was commissioned by Chamber Music America in 1996 for the MAE. The program also includes Milton BabbittÕs Fanfare for All, written for the Meridian Arts Ensemble in 1993 in celebration of Princeton University's Summer Chamber Concert's 25th Anniversary season. The concert will open with John HalleÕs Softshoe. A faculty member of the Yale Composition Department, John Halle has performed and recorded as a pianist with jazz artists Tom Harrell, and Woody Shaw, and at the Bang on a Can Festival.
    Meridian Arts Ensemble
    Jon Nelson and Brian McWhorter Ð trumpets
    Daniel Grabois Ð horn
    Benjamin Herrington Ð trombone
    Raymond Stewart Ð tuba
    John Ferrari Ð percussion
    129 W. 67th Street, New York City
    Tickets $15, $10 students and seniors at the box
    office: 212-501-3330
    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29,  at 8:00 PM
    JOHN HALLE              Softshoe (1992)
    NICK DIDKOVSKY          Slim in Beaten Dreamers (2000) New
    York Premiere
    MILTON BABBITT          Fanfare for All (1993)
    DAVID SANFORD           Corpus (1997)

    Preview the scores and hear the pieces directly in your web browser (requires JSyn plugin)

    Sirius String Quartet, Nick Didkovsky

    Experimental Intermedia Foundation , Tuesday Dec 17th at 9pm

    Sirius String Quartet will be performing a number of pieces of mine, and I'll be joining them on computer and guitar.

    The evening will go something like this...
    1) You (that's you) should bring a diskman and headphones because before the show, I'll be passing around CD's 
    of my new piece "Headphone Canon for Ross Hendler".  Headphone Canon uses the Deutsch Octave Illusion as a compositional
    element, and this illusion is best heard on headphones (see )
    "Headphone Canon" was recently released on Larry Polansky's new CD of Four Voice Canons on Cold Blue Music 
    ( see )
    2) She Closes Her Sister With Heavy Bones, for electric guitar and string quartet
    3) MachineCore, for solo electric guitar and computer (JMSL/JSyn software)
    4) TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING, for String Quartet and talkboxes (see )
    5) What Sheep Herd, for String Quartet and computer. Based on a extremely slowed down pop tune (see )
    6) Just a Voice That Bothered Him, for String Quartet

    Experimental Intermedia Foundation is at 224 Centre Street, in NYC Third floor.

    Sirius String Quartet, perform TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING

    Knitting Factory Old Office
    Nov 25, 2002, 8pm
    Also in Sirius's set: Woolf, Okura, Sharp, and an improvisation with Nick/guitar/computer

    TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING for String Quartet, Talkboxes, and live electronics
    TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING was commissioned for Sirius String Quartet with a supporting grant from Meet The Composer.

    Also on the evening:
    Nancy Magarill and Michael Ivan Berk

    Niels Meliefste & Annie Tangberg perform Didkovsky's Caught By The Sky With Wire

                               20.15 hour
                         De IJsbreker, Amsterdam
                             Duo Percucello
                    Annie Tangberg & Niels Meliefste
    Program: * Roderik de Man - a case history (solo percussion) (premiere)
            * Nick Didkovsky - Caught by the sky with wire
            * Michel van der Aa - Oog (cello solo)
            * Oene van Geel - Turbulence (premiere)
            * Martin Bresnick - songs of the mousepeople
            * Carola Bauckholt - Slower than I thought

    Kathleen Supove, premiering "Zero Waste" for piano and computer

    November 11, 2002, 8 pm, NYU's Loewe Theater, 35 W4th St., NYC

    I have a new piece for piano and computer that Kathy Supove will be premiering in concert on Monday Nov 11.

    "Zero Waste" uses JMSL/JScore to generate and display a musical score in traditional staff notation. The piece begins by displaying two measures of autogenerated music, which Kathy then sight-reads. The computer 'listens' to what she just played, and immediately transcribes her performance into the same score. She in turn sight-reads that transcription, the computer listens again and transcribes... forming a kind of feedback loop of sight-reading and transcription. Over time the challenge of sight reading and the limits of music notation evolve the piece into something very different than how it began.

    One of my students compared "Zero Waste" to the game of 'telephone', while someone else said it brought to mind Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room", where the emphasis is on the resonances in a system rather than the source material.

    "Zero Waste" is composed by Nick Didkovsky for Kathleen Supove, using the music programming language JMSL (

    Interaxis, November 3, 2002

    A two-site (LA and NYC) musical performance/improvisation. Interaxis is an investigation into the possibilities of improvisation, form, and presentation in multi-site, network-based performance. A group of accomplished composer-improvisers and technologists coming together to create a dynamic, structured, experimental sonic exploration on the web and in real space.

      Los Angeles:
    • Mark Trayle
    • Wadada Leo Smith
    • Karen Elaine Bakunin
      New York City:
    • Nick Didkovsky
    • Dafna Naphtali
    • TBA
    New York City: Engine 27, located at 173 Franklin St., New York, NY
    Los Angeles: CalArts
    NYC: 8pm [ Eastern Std. Time ]
    LA: 5pm [ Pacific Std. Time ]

    Music and Encounter - Hans Tammen & Nick Didkovsky

    In collaboration with Harvestworks
    Tuesday, October 15, 2002
    7:00 p.m.
    free admission
    Goethe Institut Inter Nationes
    1014 5th Avenue
    New York, NY 10028
    Phone 212-439-8700 
    Hans Tammen, experimental guitarist
    Nick Didkovsky, guitarist, composer and computer music programmer
    Kurt Ralske, video artist 
    For more info visit

    Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, Nick Didkovsky, Keith Rowe - Improvising Guitar Quartet

    September 22, 2002 - 8:30pm, Floratheater, Verwersdijk 1, Delft
    September 23, 2002 - 7:30pm, Galerie Rachel Haverkamp, Eigelstein 112, Köln
    September 24, 2002 - 8:00pm, Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Domplatz 10, Münster
    September 25, 2002 - 8:00pm, Podewil, Klosterstr. 68-70, Berlin

    Nick Didkovsky, Guitarevolution Festival.
    Nick performs MachineCore: an electric guitar and computer improvisation

    Saturday Oct 5, 2002, 8pm
    Maison de la culture Mont-Royal, 465, av. du Mont-Royal Est.
    Concert and discussion. Software programmed in JMSL and JSyn. Atelier et concert avec Nick Didkovsky (New York) - "MachineCore" - musique pour guitare électrique et ordinateur.

    For more info about this festival, visit, and visit Festival "Guitarévolution".
    Direct link (no frames):
    Curated by Tim Brady

    Sirius String Quartet, premiering TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING

    Pace University
    Alliance for Downtown New York and Delta Present: The Lunch Box Series 2002

    Wed, June 26, 2002, Pace University, 12 and 1pm

    Premiering Didkovsky's TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING for String Quartet, Talkboxes, and live electronics
    TUBE MOUTH BOW STRING was commissioned for Sirius String Quartet with a supporting grant from Meet The Composer.

    1 Pace Plaza 
    New York, NY 10038 
    Opposite City Hall Park in lower Manhattan

    Directions online
    This is a free event.

    Doctor Nerve

    NEARFest Preshow, Fri June 28, 2002, 8pm
    Conduit Music Club, 439 South Broad Street, Trenton, NJ TEL (609) 656-1199
    With Special Guest Evan Ziporyn (!!!!!!!!!!)
    Conduit website

    Meridian Arts Ensemble

    June in Buffalo Festival, June 7, 2002, at SUNY Buffalo, 8pm
    Premiering Didkovsky's Slim In Beaten Dreamers
    Slim... is a new work in 15 parts, and was commissioned by Meridian Arts Ensemble with commissioning funds from The Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust with support from Harvestworks, and further supported by a grant from The Margaret Fairbank Jory Copying Assistance Program.
    June In Buffalo, one of America's most ambitious contemporary music festivals, ...introduces audiences to emerging artists of innovative and uncompromising vision."
    -Perspectives of New Music

    Nick Didkovsky and HACO

    April 28, 2002, 7pm
    Improvised performance at: Downtown Music Gallery, 211 East 5th Street, NYC NY
    Nick and Haco last played together in Kyoto during Nick's Japan tour. This will be cool.

    Body Parts, European gigs

    August 25, 2001, Mulhouse Festival, Mulhouse, France. ( 8.30 PM in Noumatrouff, same bill than Pauvros solo, Mengelberg-Bennink duo, Alan Silva-Johannes Bauer, Roger Turner trio)
    August 28, 2001, Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland, (probably around 10 P.M.)
    August 30, 2001, a boat in Rotterdam, called Stubnitz, close to the "New York Hotel". Concert time in the evening...9 PM or so
    September 1, 2001, Gronigen, Holland. Concert is in a farm at 20 kms north of Groningen, at 4 PM, details forthcoming.

    Body Parts is Nick Didkovsky on Guitar and Guigou Chenevier on Drums. Such a great band.

    Interaxis, December 8, 2001

    A two-site (LA and NYC) musical performance/improvisation. Interaxis is an investigation into the possibilities of improvisation, form, and presentation in multi-site, network-based performance. A group of accomplished composer-improvisers and technologists coming together to create a dynamic, structured, experimental sonic exploration on the web and in real space.

      Los Angeles:
    • Wadada Leo Smith
    • Mark Trayle
    • Jesse Gilbert
      New York City:
    • Nick Didkovsky
    • Leroy Jenkins
    • Dafna Naphtali
    • Helen Thorington
    New York City: Harvestworks
    Los Angeles: CalArts
    NYC: 8pm [ Eastern Std. Time ]
    LA: 5pm [ Pacific Std. Time ]

    Nick Didkovsky / Kathleen Supove

    New compositions & improvs for electric guitar & keyboards, with some interactive & stubbornly non-interactive homebrew software.
    Nick Didkovsky - guitar & computers; Kathleen Supové - keyboards

    This performance is a part of ONE - TWO - THREE - GO! a 16 Concert Series of Solos, Duos & Trios curated by Patrick Grant, at
    EGIZIO'S PROJECT, 596 Broadway, (Houston & Prince), Suite 406, NYC, (212) 226-8537

    Nick Didkovsky & Phil Burk at ICMC

    September, 2001 at International Computer Music Conference, in Havana, Cuba
    Nick and Phil will present a paper on Java Music Specification Language (JMSL, visit

    Doctor Nerve & Sirius String Quartet, performing EREIA

    May 27, 2001, Musique Action Festival, Nancy, France.

    June 2, 2001, Moers Festival, Moers, Germany.

    Doctor Nerve and Sirius String Quartet join forces once again.

    The commissioning of Ereia was supported by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and the Jerome Foundation with support from Harvestworks and American Composers Forum. This performance is supported by a grant from Arts International.

    Ereia CD available now.

    Musique Action details at
    Moers details at

    Centre Culturel André Malraux
    Scène Nationale
    1, place de l'Hôtel de Ville
    54500 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
    tel (0)3 83 56 15 00 
    fax (0) 3 83 53 21 85

    The Monkey Farm

    May 4, 2001, 8:30pm
    Roulette, 228 West Broadway

    Stories by CW Vrtacek
    Read by Valeria Vasilevski
    Guitar, concept, conducted improv, and software by Nick Didkovsky
    Conducted improv: Doctor Nerve
    Voice warping software: Nick Didkovsky, Phil Burk, Robert Marsanyi, JMSL, JSyn
    Interpreter: Bill Moody (American Sign Language)

    This is an ASL Interpreted Performance

    you know......just as an aside to that joke and without dwelling on the maudlin aspects, because my dad was one of the town drunks, he often took me to this really cheap dive of a bar where he drank with indigent guys and the owner of the bar had a monkey that he kept chained at the bar, a little spider money, and the guys at the bar would feed it olives and pickles and peanuts and stuff....the bar was really awful and was called the Saybrook Inn but everybody in town disparagingly called it "the monkey farm" as a slap at the patrons and when it closed down after the original owner died, it reopened and the new guy called it "the monkey farm" and if you ever go to old saybrook, ct, you can drive by The Monkey Farm and know the real story of the name (which most people don't anymore) - the other thing I remember about this place is the bartender whose name was Kasper and he had a HUGE goiter on his neck and 1. i never saw a goiter and tht was freaky when i was 7 and 8 years old and 2. i thought it was weird that he was named after a cartoon character (the friendly ghost)

    Nick Didkovsky, Kathy Supove

    April 8, 2001, 2pm
    Snug Harbor, Staten Island
    Computer Music, cyber piano duo.
    address to come, honest

    The Technophobe and The Madman

    A Music Theatre piece which will take place simultaneously in NYC and Troy, NY, connected by Internet2 networking.
    The project grew out of a request from NYSCA to Harvestworks to put together a project or projects to explore the possibilities of performance on Internet2. This is a new networking technology which offers several technical advances which make it possible to deliver full bandwidth high quality video and audio in a synchronized way which is impossible with normal internet technology. This technology is currently only available at major research universities ... hence the involvement of NYU and iEAR. (prog notes by Niel Rolnick)

      Collaborating arists:
    • Nick Didkovsky - music & interactivity
    • Tyrone Henderson - writer & performer
    • Daniel O'Neil - web design
    • Quimetta Perle - writer, visual artist & web design
    • Don Ritter - video & stage design
    • Neil Rolnick - music & co-producer
    • Robert Rowe - music & co-producer
    • Peter Sherman - web design
    • Diana Slattery - web design
    • Valeria Vasilevski - director, avatar voice

    Nick's contribution is...
  • a JMSL program in NYC that "listens" to a live piano player upstate, analyzes live performance statistics, and generates statistics of its own to varying degrees of similarity and opposition. It performs in NYC on a DiskClavier (computer controllable grand piano).
  • Nick also built some bitchin' realtime techno software using JSyn and JMSL, that will be used in the "Club Hell" scenes.

    The performance will be 8pm, February 20, 2001 simultaneously at the NYU's Loewe Theater, 35 W4th St., NYC and Rensselaer's iEAR Space, in the Darrin Communication Center on the RPI campus.

    Web streaming and info:
    JMSL info:
    JSyn info:

    The project is being administered by Carol Parkinson at Harvestworks, in collaboration with NYU's Music Technology Program and Rensselaer's iEAR Studios.

    Nick Didkovsky, solo Electric Guitar, maybe some computer stuff

    "2001 New Music Odyssey"

  • A new music series curated by Steve MacLean.
    Jan 25   8 PM    $8   
    Center for Cultural Exchange
    One Longfellow Square
    Portland, Maine 04101

    Match: Concert II

                  Electro and acoustic works for percussion and cello
                             Friday January 26, 2001 at 7pm
                            The Bloomingdale School of Music
                          Matthew Gold                Percussion
                          Paul de Jong                Cello
                      Jennifer De Vore                Cello
      Caught by the Sky with Wire             Nick Didkovsky
      for cello and percussion
      (New work for cello, percussion,        Milica Paranosic             and
      Twinkletoes                             Eric Lyon
      for percussion and tape
      Match                                   Mauricio Kagel
      for three players
      Bloomingdale School of Music is located on 323 West 108th Street between
      Broadway and Riverside Drive.  Take the #1 or #9 train to 110th Street and
      walk two blocks south.  For more information please call (212) 663 - 6021.

    Kathleen Supove

    Premiering "Rama Broom", a new piece for piano and voice, composed by Nick Didkovsky
    8pm, November 20, 2000
    NYU Theatre, 35 West 4th Street, NY NY
    Listen to a short mp3 excerpt of a computer realization of the piece.
    See a page of the score (not same page as mp3 excerpt)

    Tammen Hirt Kleier Didkovsky: Extended Guitars Quartet

    Monday, December 11th, Knitting Factory Old Office, 8pm (one set).

    HANS TAMMEN performs with a remarkable collection of mechanical preparations on his guitars. Critic Klaus Hübner recommended him -- "Anyone who's still says that experimentalism, especially on guitar, has no future, should hear Hans Tammen's Endangered Guitar." ERHARD HIRT has appeared at most of the usual European free music and jazz festivals, the british magazine "Guitar Techniques" called him "Currently one of the most fascinating guitar soloists in Europe!" ROGER KLEIER is a guitarist and composer whose unique guitar style draws equally from improvisation, contemporary classical music, electronic processing, and American guitar traditions of blues and rock. NICK DIDKOVSKY is a guitarist, composer, and computer music programmer whose current projects include new works for Sirius String Quartet, Meridian Arts Ensemble, Kathleen Supove, Anne La Berge and a collaborative Internet2 Music Theatre project with Neil Rolnick and Robert Rowe.

    Ann La Berge: Scratch, for multiple CD players and processed flute
    Composed by Nick Didkovsky for Ann La Berge

    Scratch provides the performer with a context within which to improvise. Scratch is delivered to the performer as multiple copies of the same CD. Each CD has 22 tracks, each track is one minute long. Each of these tracks establishes a steady-state musical context. The performer chooses to mix various tracks together from the various copies of the CD, establishing a dynamically changing musical environment which stimulates an improvised interaction.
    Upcoming performances:
    Empty Bottle in Chicago on 18 October 2000
    Roulette, NYC on 22 October 2000
    More info and mp3 excerpts

    Doctor Nerve, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Rome

    July 15 & 16
    Time of the performance: 23.00 p.m.
    Location: Villa Celimontana (Piazza della Navicella, near the Colosseum)
    Tickets: can be bought at the box office of Villa Celimontana (Piazza della Navicella, near the Colosseum)
    The box office opens at 7:30pm
    Box office phone: 0039 06 70496514
    Rome Italy

    ICMC 2000, Berlin

    Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk are running a workshop at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Berlin, on August 27.

    The title of the workshop is "Computer Music Programming for the Web with JSyn and JMSL", and covers two new Java music tools Nick and Phil are developing:
    1. JMSL is a framework for algorithmic music, (Doctor Nerve fans may recognize JMSL's predecessor, "HMSL" as the software Nick used to create some of Nerve's pieces). JMSL is a collaborative effort by Nick and Phil.
    2. JSyn, which is a Java toolbox for creating realtime cd quality audio with virtual synthesizers. JSyn is by Phil.


    Official ICMC blurb follows:
                      The web can be your concert hall. Using JSyn you can develop complex interactive computer
                      music pieces that run in a web browser. JSyn is a Java API that provides real-time synthesis for
                      Java applications and Applets. It is based on a unit generator model and is designed for
                      real-time interaction. JMSL, the Java Music Specification Language, is a composition toolkit
                      written in Java that can control JSyn or JavaSound. JMSL provides hierarchical scheduling tools,
                      distribution functions and sequence generators based on the tools in its predecessor HMSL. 
                      The tutorial will cover: 
                          creating, connecting and controlling unit generators, 
                          loading and queuing sample data, 
                          creating and queuing envelope data, 
                          creating complex patches, 
                          building hierarchies of composition objects using JMSL, 
                          using various algorithmic tools of JMSL, 
                          using the Java network API to make interactive multi-user pieces, 
                          practical issues involving plugins and browser compatibility, 
                          how to put an interactive algorithmic computer music piece in a web page. 
                      This workshop will explain how to write computer music programs in Java that can be placed in a
                      web page. We will use the JSyn API to synthesize audio in real-time using a library of unit
                      generators. We will then use the JMSL API to create high level compositions that can include
                      hierarchical scheduling. Because JSyn and JMSL are Java based, composers can combine any
                      of the Java APIs including networking, 3D graphics, GUI tools, etc. with these two powerful
                      music packages. 
                      JSyn can be downloaded for free at: 
                      JMSL can be downloaded for free at:
                      Details on the workshop leaders can be found under: and

    Body Parts, European Tour, March 2000

    Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar
    Guigou Chenevier - drums and so forth

    March 18, Meldola
    March 19, Lucerne
    March 21, Grenoble, salle Juliet Berto, noon
    March 22, Montreuil, aux Instants Chavirés
    March 23, Lyon, Café Myzik
    March 24, Avignon, Coustellet "La Gare"

    Recording new CD in Vandoevre end of tour

    Nick Didkovsky (composer/software), James Forrest (computer), Joel Mellin (computer), Barbara Benary (Chung Hu)

    Performing a new JMSL/JSyn duo for two computers and two performers, based on "Why Don't You Write Me?" using (obviously) Gamelan Son Of Lion's tuning.
    Your Hit Parade (composers, artists & writers cover pop songs)
    The New Museum of Contemporary Art
    583 Broadway
    Sunday March 26, 3 pm
    limited seating - for info and reservations call 219-1222 x200
    guilty pleasures, closet confessions and rock classics...
    renderings and deconstructions of Jimi Hendrix, Leslie Gore, Barry White,
    Abba and many many more
    Compositions, performances, readings, writings, videos and drawings by
    Eve Beglarian
    Kitty Brazelton
    Robin Bruch
    Nick Didkovsky
    Judy Dunaway
    Barbara Ess
    David First
    Kenneth Goldsmith
    Annie Gosfield
    Tom Jarmusch & Fabienne Gautier
    Art Jarvinen
    Victoria Jordanova
    Roger Kleier
    Phil Kline
    Gordon Minette
    James Nares
    Geoffrey O'Brien
    Robert Polito
    Bradford Reed
    Luc Sante
    Mark Stewart & Rob Schwimmer
    Kathy Supove
    Randy Woolf

    Nick Didkovsky, Realtime Computer Music

    Warwick Cyber Arts Festival, Saturday, Feb 26, 2000, 7:30-9:30pm

    Warwick Valley Community Center (Doc Fry)
    11 Hamilton Ave
    Warwick, NY
    info: (914) 986-6422
    Also performing the same evening: Laetitia Sonami (Lady Glove) and Helen Thorington (Web art)

    Friday, Jan 28 Victoria Jordanova: The Blurb

        Victoria Jordanova - harp
        Nick Didkovsky - guitar
        Fast Forward - percussion
        Jim Staley - trombone
        Phill Niblock - live video design
    The Belgrade-born harpist combines her graceful and surreal expressions with
    a Downtown all-star band. Live video provides literal visual counterpoint.
    Lotus Music and Dance
    109 W. 27th, 8th Fl. New York City
    Info & Res: 212/627-1076
    All concerts at 8:00pm. Admission $8. *Reservations Strongly Advised*
    Produced by Thomas Buckner and Tom Hamilton

    Caught by the Sky with Wire

    New Works at Miller Theatre, Columbia University, NYC
    January 29, 8 PM (Sat)
    Caught by the Sky with Wire, composed by Nick Didkovsky, commissioned by Steve Schick and Maya Beiser
    Maya Beyser, cello/ Steven Schick, percussion

    THREETWO '99 6th Annual Festival of Contemporary Music

    Sunday, December 12, 1999, 5pm
    Renee Weiler Concert Hall
    Greenwich House Music School
    46 Barrow Street, New York City
    $10/$5 students & seniors
    Threetwo's soloists will be presented in a marathon concert of their most adventurous repertoire. The event will have two breaks of food & drink, and a reception to follow. We hope you can attend!

    Works will be performed by composers Iannis Xenakis, Elliott Carter, Christian Wolff, Stuart Saunders Smith and Salvatore Martirano, the Russian futurists Sergei Protopopov and Nikolai Obouhov, and a transatlantic troupe of younger experimental composers including Paul Reller, Alfred Zimmerlin, Nick Didkovsky, Eric Lyon, Drew Krause, Larry Polansky, Martin Wehrli, and Benjamin Grosser.

    Directors: Keith Moore and Taimur Sullivan
    For more information, e-mail

    Tomas Bächli (piano)
    Matthew Gold (percussion)
    Margaret Lancaster (flute)
    Drew Krause (piano)
    Paul de Jong (violoncello)

    Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds (1987-89)
    Salvatore Martirano - Phleu (1988)
    Alfred Zimmerlin - Piano Piece VIII (1999)
    Nick Didkovsky - Caught by the Sky with Wire (1996)
    Stuart Saunders Smith - Fences, in Three Tragedies (1998)
    Martin Wehrli - Piano Piece VI (1997)
    Elliott Carter - Scrivo in Vento (1991)
    Paul Reller - Executive Outcomes (1998)
    Drew Krause - Two Ballads (1997)
    Christian Wolff - Piano Song "I'm a dangerous woman" (1983)
    Sergei Protopopov - Sonata for piano (1924)
    Larry Polansky - Cinderella (1998)
    Paul Reller - In Praise of Buddy Hackett (1998)
    Eric Lyon - Paradigm (1998)
    Nikolai Obouhov - Adorons Christ! Fragment du troisième et dernier testament (1946)
    Benjamin Grosser - new work (1999)

    Valeska's Vitriol

    A disturbing, and bizarre dance / performance piece with Sara Hook (choreography, much audience provocation), Nick Didkovsky (electric guitar, composition, some audience provocation), and Gil Morgenstern (violinist, audience sympathizer).

    Inspired by research into the late German dancer/actress Valeska Gert, who was famous for her provocative, satiric pantomime and ripe, acerbic wit. She became famous in Berlin during the 1920's and got booted out of Germany right around 1933 by you know who.

    Wed, Nov 10, 8pm,University Settlement, 184 Eldrige Street, NYC

    Doctor Nerve, Thinking Plague, and The Hosemobile

    Wed. Sept. 8th - Knitting Factory - 74 Leonard St, NYC - sponsored by THE DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY 8th YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - for info call them at: (212) 473-0043

    Nerve's in the second slot. This will shred your noggin. We are inviting very very scary guests to join us. If you miss this you'll have to read about it in Tone Clusters and weep.

    Doctor Nerve joins Micro-East Collective

    "Micro-East Collective (): This is a truly rare thing, a functioning large ensemble based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and featuring many of the area's finest musicians. The group's performances have garnered them extensive praise for sensitive interaction and fine orchestral compositions by several of the members. Tonight, the group will have five guests from Dr. Nerve - Nick Didkovsky, Michael Lytle, Yves Duboin, Greg Henke, and Leo Ciesa." (Eugene Chadbourne)

    Performances Saturday, August 7, 1999, at 9pm at Tonic.
    Tonic is at 107 Norfolk St, between Delancey & Rivington.
    This series curated by Eugene Chadbourne.

    Nick Didkovsky, panelist at IMX

    Nick will be on a panel discussion group at the Interactive Music Expo on Tuesday August 10, 1999 at Javits Convention Center, NYC.
    Presentation will include comments on JMSL and JSyn: realtime web-capable music languages.
    Visit IMX Home

    Nick Didkovsky at Do What? Music Festival, Toronto

    Nick will perform solo electric guitar and improvise joyously with Dinner is Ruined (elevator music for non-claustrophobic people) and Jean Derome/Joan Hetu.

    Festival dates are Fri/Sat/Sun June 18/19/20

    For details (brace yerself), visit The Do What? Music Festival schedule.

    This festival is insane, so go there.

    Nick Didkovsky & Guigou Chenevier

    May 24, 1999, Musique Action, Centre Culturel André Malraux, Nancy, France

    Nick and Guigou premiere their new works for guitar, drum set, and voices at this long-living (16 of 'em) creative music festival. Boy oh boy this is going to be fun!

    Visit the 16ème édition du festival Musique Action at

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Bang On A Can

    Fred Frith, Nick Didkovsky, Rene Lussier, Mark Stewart perform at Bang On A Can on May 5, 1999.
    Abrons Art Center at Henry Street Settlement, New York City
    466 Grand Street (at Pitt)
    tickets $15

    Nick Didkovsky Moorhead State University Residency
    April 13-17, 1999

    Nick will be in residence at Moorhead State University's Roland Dille Center for the Arts. Teaching some classes, but mostly working with the MSU New Music Ensemble: arranging Nerve tunes and other new/old works. Culminating in an evening of public sonic debauchery.

    A possible program order:
    Nerveware No.1  MSU New Music Ensemble
    Armed Observation       MSU New Music Ensemble
    solo    Nick Didkovsky, guitar
    Just a Voice that Bothered Him  
            Glenn Ginn, guitar
            Steve Langemo, guitar
            Karl Koopman, guitar
            Eric Klotz, guitar
    I Kick My Hand  
            Glenn Ginn, guitar
            Steve Langemo
    Well Ask the Questions Around Here, Part 2      
            Glenn Ginn, guitar
            Steve Langemo, guitar
            Karl Koopman, guitar
            Eric Klotz, guitar
    solo    Nick Didkovsky, guitar
    improvisation   MSU New Music Ensemble, Nick Didkovsky
    She Closes Her Sister with Heavy Bones  MSU New Music Ensemble
    Pain Waits Until 5pm    MSU New Music Ensemble

    Contact: Ross Feller (

    Kathleen Supove, Victoria Jordanova, Kaffe Matthews, Knitting Factory, May 11, 1999

    Kathy Supove performs over-the-top solo piano works and rants.
    Victoria Jordanova pushes the harp to its limits.
    Nick will join Kathy for a duo version of I Kick My Hand (most of you already know that Kathy's playing keyboards in Doctor Nerve, right?)
    Nick will join Victoria for an improvisation.

    The deal:

    $10 ticket

    More info, or just to say hello: 212 219-3006

    Carrie Hanson, Joyce Soho Theatre, NYC, April 17, 1999

    Carrie does some bizarre solo dances involving a skateboard and a very very red dress.

    Less succinctly...

    Carrie Hanson's fondness of Nick Didkovsky's music has compelled her to make three solos and one octet, Eight Letters to the Moon from the Lunatic Castle, which is currently being performed by the Ballet Company of the National Theatre of Mannheim, Germany.

    Tonight, the three solos appear next to one another in Suite for Weird Sisters. The sisters, Ruby, Aquamarina, and Brunella are accompanied by Didkovsky's I Kick My Hand, excerpts of Black Iris, and Our Soldiers Are Soft Pianos, respectively.

    The music will be prerecorded.

    Joyce Soho Theatre info: 212.226.7624

    Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk present JSyn and JMSL
    Harvestworks, Saturday, April 3, 1999, from 5-8pm

    JMSL is a new programming language for experimental music. It follows in the footsteps on HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language), and is written in Java. JSyn is Phil Burk's realtime synthesis API also written in Java. JMSL and JSyn can work together to create powerful interactive compositions that can use the Internet as a network.

    Harvestworks is at 596 Broadway, New York City.

    Event Info: 212 431-1130
    JMSL Info
    Admission is free.

    Nick Didkovsky, Solo Electric Guitar, The Knitting Factory, NYC, March 14, 1999

    Nick will perform solo guitar improv, opening the evening for a rare US performance by Richard Pinhas (the ex-Heldon dude).
    The fun starts at 8pm

    Ticket info: 212 219-3006
    This performance will be cybercast from

    Nick Didkovsky (gtr), Steven Schick (perc)

    Perform Overlife, a new work in three movements for dance, composed by Nick Didkovsky, and commissioned by John Malashock Dance Company.
    January 16, 1999, 8pm, Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. Champagne dessert celebration after the show!
    tickets/info (619)235-2266

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, European Tour 1999

    Feb. 9 Ivry, France Theatre d'Ivry
    2/10 Aachen, Germany Musikbunker
    2/11 Gent, Belgium Vooruit
    2/13 Vienna, Austria Radiokulturhaus
    2/14 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenska Kinoteka
    2/15 Florence, Italy Teatro Studio di Scandicci
    2/17 Esslingen, Germany (Fred's 50th birthday!) Dieselstrasse
    2/18 Munich, Germany Unterfahrt im Einstein
    2/19 Berlin, Germany Quasimodo
    2/20 Dortmund, Germany Domicil Jazzclub
    2/21 Zurich, Switzerland Rote Fabrik
    2/23 Marseille, France A.M.I.
    2/24 Bordeaux, France  Ecole de Musique
    2/25 Coimbra, Portugal Concertos de Portugal

    Nick Didkovsky and Jason Dumars, Friday, Oct 23, 1998 at 9pm

    Nick plays electric guitar, Jason wails on a variety of saxophones and it's all quite intense.

    The Knitting Factory is at 74 Leonard Street, NYC, info/tickets 212.219.3006

    Doctor Nerve and Harpy and Phil Kline at the Knitting Factory, Oct 6th, 1998

    Doctor Nerve returns to the Knit to perform more twisted metal, turn-on-a-dime improvisation, and mutations of recent compositions. Nerve's live performances are legendary, so don't miss this. Personnel: Greg Anderson (bass), Leo Ciesa (drums), Nick Didkovsky (guitar), Yves Duboin (soprano sax), Rob Henke (trumpet), Michael Lytle (bass clarinet), Kathleen Supové (keyboards). "Drastic, unpredictable, ear-opening, Doctor Nerve challenges the way we listen", (Jim MacNie, Guitar World).

    Harpy, from Japan, plays very creative and very bizarre music. In their words, "The concept is only strange music style!!". Harpy is Kenji Ito (drums), Kyoko (vocal), Suzuki (guitar), and Ono Tetsu (piano). This is Harpy's premiere NYC. Your ears will squirm. Ok!

    Phil Kline is an utterly insane soundsmith/composer who will put your hammers, anvils, and stirups into an apoplectic rage, and I mean that in a good way.

    The Knitting Factory is at 74 Leonard Street, NYC

    Nick Didkovsky, solo electric guitar

    At Tonic, that hip new space in NYC. Sept 4 at 9pm. Also on the evening, Elliot Sharp and Mari Kimura.
    Tonic is at 107 Norfolk St, between Delancey & Rivington.

    (cancelled due to the timely arrival of Alexander "Sasha" Roberts Didkovsky, b. Sept 2, 1998, 8lbs, 13oz, 21.5 in)

    Composer's Party

    Nick will do a little solo electric guitar improv.
    The Swiss Institute New York, 495 Broadway, New York, New York 10009
    tel 212/925 2035 fax 212/925 2040

    Nick Didkovsky, on-line Web chat

    Monday, June 8, at 3pm (eastern time).
    Sponsored by Kalvos and Damian's New Music Bazaar.
    Nick will type as fast as he can to blur as many answers and ideas together as is possible in this very odd, realtime text-based medium. Visit for information about what software you need, etc, to participate in this chat session.
    Or go directly to the log in screen at

    Doctor Nerve

    June 4, 1998 at Brownie's (9th street and Avenue A or something like that, in NYC)
    Great gig: with Present and Elliot Sharpe, produced by Downtown Music Gallery's Bruce "the man" Gallanter. Missing this is unforgivable.

    Bang On A Can All-Stars

    Perform Didkovsky's "Amalia's Secret" and other works by other people May 17, 1998 at The Knitting Factory

    Sinew Double Trio

    Holland Tour, 1998
    Cool group: two drummers, two sax players, two guitarists (one of which is Nick)
    A new special project coordinated by Ruud Van Helvert (ex-Blast). Also in the band: Guigou Chenevier (yeah!) and Wiek Hijmens (yeah!).
    Tour info so far:
    May 1 Amsterdam
    May 4 Eindhoven
    May 7 'sHertogenbosch
    May 8 Tilburg
    May 9 Bielfeld
    May 10 Rotterdam

    Nick Didkovsky - Solo Electric Guitar

    Saturday May 23, in Baltimore, in a triple bill with Forever Einstein, and Rattlemouth.
    Orion Sound Studios
    2903 Whittington Ave
    Baltimore, Maryland
    The show will start with Nick at 7:30, followed by Forever Einstein, finishing with Rattlemouth.
    More info:

    Nick Didkovsky - Solo Electric Guitar

    Sunday, May 31, Context Studios, 28 Avenue A (between 2nd and 3rd street), NYC
    This concert also features performances by downtown mover and shaker Phil Kline and sample wiz Annie Gosfield.

    Nick Didkovsky, solo computer at Circuits conference, Sat. March 28

    Governor's Conference on Arts and Technology, Palisades Conference Center, Palisades, NY
    Nick Didkovsky performs a statistical computer warpage of Schubert's Impromptu in Eb Major, Op. 90. Features the virtual performance of Evelyne Luest, statistically deconstructed with a new realtime software instrument written by Nick in Java.
    Evelyne will also perform the piece on a real piano.
    Conference info:
    Real Audio Stream

    Nick Didkovsky - Solo Electric Guitar

    Broadcast live on WFMU, 91.1 FM, East Orange, NJ
    Show starts at 8pm, Sunday March 1

    Doctor Nerve European Tour, 1998

    4-Feb Roma, Centro Sociale Brancaleone
    5-Feb Montepulciano (near Chiusi), Granaio
    6-Feb Schio (near Vicenza), Circolo Operaio Il Bruco
    7-Feb Meldola (near Forli), Sala Arcinova
    8-Feb Bologna, Link
    9-Feb TBA
    10-Feb Ulm, Roxy
    11-Feb Nurnberg, Desi
    12-Feb Leipzig, Moritzbastei
    13-Feb Chemnitz, ZV-Bunker
    14-Feb Gera, Germany, Engelskeller
    15-Feb Hannover, Germany, Faust e.V.
    16-Feb Tilburg, The Netherlands, Paradox
    17-Feb Aachen, Germany, Musikbunker
    18-Feb Wurzburg, AKW
    19-Feb Wien, Porgy&Bess
    20-Feb Wels, Alter Schlachthof
    21-Feb St. Johann in Tirol
    22-Feb St Gallen, Grabenhalle

    Nick Didkovsky - Solo Electric Guitar

    Free performance at Downtown Music Gallery, 211 East 5th Street, NYC NY
    Celebrate the release of new guitar CD, Binky Boy
    Sunday, Feb 25, 1998, at 7pm

    Doctor Nerve & Sirius String Quartet, performing EREIA

    January 10, 1998, at 8pm
    The Kitchen, 512 W 19th Street, NYC.
    Performing the new work, EREIA. Doctor Nerve and Sirius String Quartet join forces to perform a new piece in three movements, composed by Nick Didkovsky. This is going to kill you.

    The commissioning of this new work was supported by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and the Jerome Foundation with support from Harvestworks and American Composers Forum.

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, European Tour, Nov 1997

    Nov 1 Tampere, Finland
    Nov 2 Brussels, Belgium
    Nov 3 Heidelberg, Germany
    Nov 4 Mainz, Germany
    Nov 5 Winterthur, Switzerland
    Nov 6 Luzern, Switzerland
    Nov 7 Koln, Germany
    Nov 8 Vandoeuvre, Nancy
    Nov 9 Esslingen, Germany
    Nov 10 Basel, Switzerland
    Nov 11 Innsbruck, Austria
    Nov 12 Vienna, Austria
    Nov 14 Schwaz, Austria
    Nov 15 Barcelona, Spain
    Nov 16 Madrid, Spain
    Nov 17 Frankfurt, Germany


  • Nick Didkovsky - elec. guitar
  • Jason Dumars - alto sax
  • Kevin Norton - drum set and malicious percussion

    Friday, October 17th, at 7pm, AlterKnit Theatre, Knitting Factory, 72 Leonard Street, NYC
    Should be a pretty cool set of improv, some Ankle To Nose tunes, and a sick-o gigue by Jason. Jason is the kingpin of, and you can print out the poster he made for this gig at
    Guest Squeeler: Yves Duboin. Yikes.

    Schubert Festival

    Friday, September 19, 1997, 8 p.m.
    Nick Didkovsky performs a statistical computer warpage of a Schubert's Impromptu in Eb Major, Op. 90, at this Soho Arts Festival celebrating Schubert's birthday. Features the virtual performance of Evelyne Luest, statistically deconstructed with a new realtime software instrument written by Nick in the buzzword laden Java programming language.
    American Opera Projects, 462 Broome Street

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Canadian Tour

    Oct 2, 1997 - Jonquiere, Quebec
    Oct 4, 1997 - Toronto
    Oct 5, 1997 - Montreal
    Need details? Visit

    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful", Homage a Liberace

    Saturday, August 30, 1997, at 9pm
    Tomas Baechli - piano, performing new pieces by Nick Didkovsky, Dan Goode, Virgil Moorefield, and others on the tenth anniversary of Liberace's death.
    La Mama Galleria, 6 East First Street, NY
    Suggested contribution: $5

    Nick Didkovsky, Larry Polansky, Jody Diamond

    Sunday, August 31, at 9pm
    Performing new works for electric guitar, piano, and voice, with Tomas Baechli and Dieter Hall.
    La Mama Galleria, 6 East First Street, NY
    Suggested contribution: $5

    Nick Didkovsky (gtr), Bart Maris (tpt), Tom De Wulf (dr)

    Wed, July 9, 1997, at midnight.
    Beursschouwberg, August Ortsstraat 22-28, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
    Tel 02/513.82.90
    Performing Bart's twisted tunes...

    Victoriaville Festival, May 19th, 1997

    Premiering a new work, EREIA. Doctor Nerve and Sirius String Quartet join forces to perform a new piece in three movements, composed by Nick Didkovsky.

    The commissioning of this new work was supported by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and the Jerome Foundation with support from Harvestworks.
    This performance made possible in part with a supporting grant from Arts International.

    Please check with the Victoriaville Festival in Quebec for ticketing information:
    (819) 752-7912 / fax (819) 758-4370.

    Steve Schick & Maya Beiser (perc & cello)

    Perform a new commissioned work by Nick Didkovsky, "Caught by the Sky With Wire". Steve & Maya totally rule this piece. NY premiere.
  • Monday, April 14, 7:30pm, Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center Plaza, NYC
  • Thursday, April 24, 8pm, The Kitchen, 512 W 19th st, NYC tel 212-255-5793

    Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, April 5, 1997

    Doctor Nerve performs at about 10pm. Part of a festival.

    Knitting Factory, March 4, 1997

    74 Leonard Street, New York City

    7:30 Michael Gordon Philharmonic
    8:30 Doctor Nerve
    9:30 Meridian Arts Ensemble
    Tickets $12/14

    Doctor Nerve
    "The best of the musicians who are fusing classical, jazz, and rock techniques"
    - KyleGann, Village Voice

    Coinciding with the release of their new live CD, "Every Screaming Ear" (Cuneiform), Doctor Nerve returns to the Knitting Factory, roaring through a set of music which the NY Times calls "brash, tricky obnoxious, and proud of it". Includes a special collaboration with Meridian. And please welcome keyboard virtuoso Kathleen Supove to the Nerve arena!

    Meridian Arts Ensemble

    Celebrating the release of its sixth CD "Anxiety of Influence", Meridian Arts Ensemble will pay tribute to rock masters Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, and King Crimson, as well as perform original compositions and music of the Caribbean.

    Michael Gordon Philharmonic

    Gordon's techno-art band produces a unique music synthesis whose "language entirely defeats categorization by genre" combining "the fury of punk rock, the nervous brilliance of free jazz and the intransigence of classical modernism" (New York Times).

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, European Tour, Dec. 1996

    (Fred Frith, Rene Lussier, Nick Didkovsky, Mark Stewart)
    Dec. 6 - Bern, Switzerland
    Dec. 7 - Meldola, Italy
    Dec. 8 - Venice, Italy
    Dec. 9 - Innsbruck, Austria at Treibhaus
    Dec. 10 - La Spezia, Italy
    Dec. 11 - Bologna, Italy
    Dec. 12 - Rome, Italy
    Dec. 14 - Berlin, Germany
    Dec. 16 - Brussels, Belgium
    Dec. 17 - Amsterdam, Holland
    Dec. 18 - Hamburg, Germany


    Sunday Oct 6, 1996
    Gowanus Arts Exchange, 295 Douglas Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
    Directions: Take N or R subway to Union Street in Brooklyn. Walk 3 blocks North (toward the big clock tower), take a left on Douglas. 3/4ths of the way down the block is a blue/green building with a purple door. That's Gowanus, dude.
    Kevin's writing a new piece for this trio. Scary stuff.

    Nick Didkovsky - Swirled Music

    September 8, 1996
    Ohio Theatre
    66 Wooster Street, between Spring and Broome, NYC
    2pm - 10 pm
    ND plays between 7:19 pm and 8:07
    Three stages all day long, simultaneous performances that overlap in peculiar ways that only make sense to curator David First. Also with Evan Gallagher, Woody Mann, Arto Lindsay, Ben Neill, Spooky, Ken Butler, Petr Kotik ...

    Nick Didkovsky - Japan Tour

    Each night's program:

  • Solo performance by ND
  • Japanese band's performance

  • Collaboration:
    • ND joins Japanese band for one of their pieces
    • ND joins Japanese band for a Doctor Nerve piece
    • Conducted improvisation
    • Free improvisation
    August 1 - MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, with P.O.N.
    August 3 - MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, with Happy Family
    August 4 - MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, with Isso Yukihiro
    August 6 - LA MAMA, Tokyo, with Tipographica
    August 7 - MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, with Mamoru Fujieda
    August 8 - MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, with Koichi Makagami
    August 10 - CLUB QUATRO, Osaka, with Happy Family and varius artists
    August 11 - TAKUTAKU, Kyoto, with Hisato Hosoi and Haco

    contact: Locus Solus +81-422-21-4758

    DOCTOR NERVE - MIMI Festival, Arles, France.

    July 22, 1996
    Th??tre Antique d'ARLES
    Contact MIMI Festival/AMI by E-Mail:
    Visit the MIMI Festival Homepage
    This performance made possible in part with a supporting grant from Arts International.

    DOCTOR NERVE - FabrikJazz

    July 21, 1996
    Rote Fabrik
    Seestr. 395
    Zurich, Switzerland

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet
    (Fred Frith, Nick Didkovsky, Rene Lussier, Mark Stewart)

    Knitting Factory, NYC
    Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13
    Two sets each night at 9 and 11

    DOCTOR NERVE - Creative Time Festival

    Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage
    July 19, 1996
    Also the same evening: Emergency Broadcast Network
    Directions: The Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage is located inside the base of the Brooklyn Bridge located at Cadman Plaza West at the intersection of Hicks Street and Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn. Take the 2 or 3 train to Clark Street, or the A or C train to High Street. Walk down Cadman Plaza West toward the river under the BQE overpass. Anchorage entrance is to the right.

    Nick Didkovsky, Kevin Norton, James Pugliese

    Performing a new work by ND and by a twisted entity by Jim P. Hopefully Nick won't blow a speaker during sound check this time.

    Monday, May 20, 1996, 8pm
    A Tellus night celebrating a cool new CD release and more...
    The Cooler, NYC
    Contact Harvestworks for info (212) 431-1130

    Nick Didkovsky, Kevin Norton, James Pugliese

    Performing a new work by ND for two percussionists and prepared electric guitar.
    Friday, May 3, 1996, 8pm
    Context Studios, 28 Avenue A (between 2nd and 3rd street), NYC

    Round Trip

    A voyage into el corazon de Mexico in celebration of Cinco De Mayo
    By Tena Cohen, music by Nick Didkovsky and Ian McGrath.
    Opens May 1, runs through the 5th, 8pm each night
    167 Ludlow Street (1/2 block south of Houston), NYC
    reservations, call 420-1466

    Nick Didkovsky - Guest Lecture at Princeton.

    Nick will discuss and demonstrate his real time computer music performance software and composition software.
    Friday, April 26, 1996
    4:00 pm


    A multimedia performance, created by Elise Kermani.
    Music performed by Nick Didkovsky (electric prepared guitars), and Elise Kermani.

    Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street (at Grand), NYC
    (212) 431-5127
    Friday, March 8, 1996, 9:00 pm, $5

    Nick Didkovsky, "Listen In" Event at Harvestworks

    Thursday, Feb 8 at 8:30pm
    Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, New York, NY 10012
    tel (212) 431-1130
    Nick is a 1996 Artist in Residence at Harvestworks. He will discuss and demonstrate his real time computer music performance software and composition software. Should be fun.

    Nick Didkovsky and Mark Stewart, Electric Guitar Duos

    Sunday, Feb 4, at 5pm
    Gowanus Arts Exchange, 295 Douglas Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
    Mark Stewart is a member of the Bang On A Can All-Stars. Nick is the neural center of Doctor Nerve. Both play in the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet. As a duo, it gets pretty scary. As shown on TV! (City Arts, PBS)
    Directions: Take N or R subway to Union Street in Brooklyn. Walk 3 blocks North (toward the big clock tower), take a left on Douglas. 3/4ths of the way down the block is a blue/green building with a purple door. That's Gowanus.

    NewEar Music Ensemble

    Performing three Doctor Nerve pieces!
    • Nerveware No. 8
    • Don't Call Too Late My Husband's A Baker
    • Take Your Ears As The Bones Of Their Queen

    Sunday November 5, at 3pm, St. Mary's Episcopal Church in downtown Kansas City (13th and Holmes), NewEar Bites The Big Apple.
    Should sound pretty sick: violin and piccolo instead of soprano sax, synth instead of electric guitar, bassoon instead of electric bass, found percussive objects instead of drum set, etc. Jeeziz!

    "Since its first performance in 1994, NewEar has defined the musical edge in contemporary music for Kansas City audiences. With a lighthearted earnestness and clarity of purpose, NewEar's concerts have run the gamut of current musical styles - from the dense textures and complex sound fields of Ligeti, Xenakis, and Cage to the insistent rhythms of the minimalists."

    Also on the bill, works by Tisne, Goldstein, and Alexander.

    Contact NewEar at PO Box 15748, Kansas City, MO 64106

    Doctor Nerve
    European Tour 1995

    Nov 7 - "Vooruit" in Gent, Belgium
    Nov 8 - "Doornroosje", Nijmegen, Holland
    Nov 9 - "Abattoirs" in Sierre, Switzerland
    Nov 10 - "Cave 12" in Geneva, Switzerland
    Nov 11 - "Case a Chocs" in Neuchatel, Switzerland
    Nov 12 - "Reithalle" in Bern, Switzerland
    Nov 13 - TBA
    Nov 14 - Ecole de Jazz et Musique Actuelle, Lausanne, Switzerland (workshop and concert)
    Nov 15 - TBA
    Nov 16 - "Paradox" in Tilburg, Holland
    Nov 17 - "Westwerk" in Hamburg, Germany
    Nov 18 - "Rumor Festival at Kikker" in Utrecht, Holland

    Fred Frith Guitar Quartet
    European Tour 1995

    (Fred Frith, Nick Didkovsky, Rene Lussier, Mark Stewart)
    Nov 26 - Hamburg,Germany
    Nov 27 - Basel, Switzerland
    Nov 28 - Villeurbanne, France
    Nov 30 - Bydgoszcz, Poland
    Dec 1 - Berlin, Germany
    Dec 2 - Bern, Switzerland
    Dec 3 - Esslingen, Germany
    Dec 4 - Frankfurt, Germany
    Dec 5 - Munich, Germany
    Dec 6 - Vienna, Austria
    Dec 7 - Trieste, Italy
    Dec 8 - Schio, Italy
    Dec 9 - Locarno, Swizterland
    Dec 10 - Bregenz, Austria
    Dec 11 - Fribourg, Switzerland
    Dec 12 - Torino, Italy
    Dec 13 - Bologna, Italy
    Dec 14 - Milano, Italy
    Dec 15 - Friedrichshafen, Germany

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