BONE:  Didkovsky, Hopper, Roulat Project
June 15-16, 2002
Drum Tracks Session
Drums & Percussion Inventory        
  Snares Notes Misc. Percussion Notes
  George Way 8 x 15   Ludwig Congas  
  Ludwig Be-Bop 3 x 13   WFL Copper Timbales (13 & 14)  
  Gretsch Jazz Progressive 4 x 15   Dumbek (Nickel)  
  Rogers Dynasonic 5 1/2 x 14   Granite Blocks  
  WFL Jazz  Festival 5 1/2 x 14   Wood Blocks  
  Fibes 5 1/2 x 14   Triangle Medium  
  Art Benson Custom 5 1/2 x 14   Triangle Large  
  Ludwig Vintage Marching 12 x 14   Cowbell  
      Saw Blade  
      Trash Cymbal  
      China Crash  
      Small China Splash  
  DW Standard set used as core drum set.      
Drum Notes - Hugh's Pieces
Piece Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3 Notes 4
1 Bass Drum with Heavy Reverb Snare with Heavy Reverb Use Trash cymbal on HH rhythm  
2 George Way 8x15 Snare - snares off Fibes Snare Timbales on later part marching snare
3 Marching Snare???      
4 Standard Kit with Mallets      
5 ?      
6 Coin slides on cymbals Rock 21 or China rides DW toms  
7 HH and Bass Drum only?? with snare and splash work Hopscotch the HH, rides / splash on quick 16th note intervals  
8 Fast rolls on granite blocks or wood blocks mallets swells and chokes on cymbals DW low tom swells and/or mallet hits  
9 Congas or Timbales? use trick sticks or mallets muted cowbell Quick random HH hits in themes
Bombay Open HH on half notes Bass drum with reverb - snares off Middle section: Trash cym, timbales & closed HH improv  
New 1        
New 2        
New 3        
New 4        
New 5